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Tips & tricks | 30 Dec 2020

Surviving On Aggressive Roads – Bending It Right

A common mistake most beginner riders commit is not taking enough precaution or following proper technicque while tackling a blind corner. Just one error in judgement on a blind corner, and things can take a fatal turn. No wonder then, tackling blind corners inapproporiately is one of the biggest causes of accidents on our roads. Let us shed some light on the correct way to deal with this dangerous variety of turns.

• Game of patience

Dealing with a blind turn correctly begins with the right mental setup. The rider has to mentally acknowledge that he has to be patient until his eyes catch a clear picture of the turn ahead. Any haste to quickly get done with the corner, or worse, overtaking a vehicle on a blind turn is an obvious invitation to a mishap. So every time you hit a blind corner, be patient and wait till the corner opens up to your vision. Do not be in a hurry to get on the throttle. Keep the throttle steady and stay in your lane. Never, ever cross over to the opposite lane to make the corner quickly, it can be a fatal mistake. Always keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead to allow for sufficient braking distance and time.

• Line up correctly

To be able to stay safe on a blind turn, choose a wide line, while still staying in your lane, keeping sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead for the maximum view of the turn ahead. An inner line will restrict your field of vision and increase the chances of stumbling upon potentially vicious surprises lurking ahead. The farther you can see into a corner, the more information you have about the road ahead and the more prepared you are to take corrective actions.

• Never overake on a blind turn

Write it down on your two-wheeler's console if you have to - "Never overtake on a blind turn!" Never make the mistake of passing a vehicle when you don't know what awaits you ahead. It's an assured way of getting in trouble. Unless and until you have a clear view of the oncoming traffic, do not try and overtake a vehicle on a blind corner.

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