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Why One Should Use Genuine Spares For Two-wheelers

Two-wheeler owners have to accept the fact that the mechanical parts of their beloved machine will eventually wear out and would have to replace them. Automakers do ensure that their two-wheeler components are built to last a very long time, but the prolonged riding will wear them out at some point, and there is nothing wrong with that. What could be wrong is the decision you make while replacing your two-wheeler’s parts. Should you choose not to go with genuine spare parts, you might land yourself in big trouble.

Whenever the question of replacing any of your two-wheeler’s components arises, there would be many options to choose from. The best option is always the genuine spare parts manufactured by the same company that designed, developed, and built your machine from scratch and knew it to its last nut and bolt. Unfortunately, quite a lot of people decide to go for cheaper options without realising that it will be expensive and can even pose a threat to their safety. Most low-priced third-party spares are not up to the specified quality standards, are made from substandard materials and are not safe. Here are a few reasons why you should always get genuine spares for your machine.


Safety is probably the most critical factor here. You do not want to compromise on your safety just to save a few bucks, do you? There is no guarantee of the reliability of third-party spares. They often fail, which can put the rider’s life in jeopardy in critical scenarios. For instance, a broken brake cable during an emergency braking scenario can lead to severe injury or even death. Genuine spare parts are tested rigorously to ensure they perform dependably in the most challenging conditions. The decision to buy a cheaper spare part to save some money might just put your life and the lives of folks travelling with you in danger. It is a small price you pay for your own and your loved ones’ safety when you buy genuine spare parts, so don’t compromise on it.


The reliability of third-party spare parts simply cannot be compared with that of genuine spare parts. Genuine spare parts undergo a rigorous testing routine to make sure they perform optimally. Hence, you can extract maximum reliability and longevity out of a genuine spare. On the other hand, cheaper spares, are not adequately tested, and to keep the costs down, use low-quality materials. This directly affects the reliability and longevity of that spare part. To give you a perspective, you might need to replace a cheap spare again after a year, whereas the corresponding genuine spare would last three years. By using cheap, third-party spares, you end up paying more in the long term and compromising performance and reliability. Also, by using substandard spares, you end up putting your two-wheeler's related components at risk of damage. Genuine parts are highly dependable, cheaper spares are not – it is as simple as that.

Protection from counterfeits

When you buy genuine spare parts from an authorised dealership, you are protecting yourself from the menace of counterfeit spares, which pose a grave danger to your own, and your machine’s health and safety. Counterfeit spares are poorly made with no regard for quality, reliability or longevity. These spare parts are made with the sole purpose of making a quick buck, and should be avoided at all costs. While law enforcement agencies and automakers constantly strive to keep these spurious spare part makers at bay, the best way to prevent them is to always buy genuine spares from a company authorised outlet.


While genuine parts may come across as slightly more expensive than their cheaper imitations, they turn out to be more cost-effective in the longer term. Let’s see how a genuine replacement clutch plate will save you money over a cheaper, third party make in the long term. Let us say the genuine clutch plates for your bike costs Rs. 200, while the cheaper variety costs only Rs. 120. Now, genuine clutch plates, having been thoroughly tested and built to exacting quality standards would generally last twice as much as the cheaper ones. In the longer term, you will end up paying Rs. 240 for the same period, as opposed to Rs. 200 for the genuine set. You will also have to pay the mechanic twice for replacing the set while also getting lower performance and poor mileage from your bike as clutch plates are critical for these parameters. The same story goes for every single spare part. Genuine parts cost slightly more because they are built better, and the extra expenditure you make towards buying them pays itself off in the longer run.

Performance & warranty

A manufacturer knows its product best. Therefore, it is preposterous to think that a third-party spare part maker would be able to design and manufacture components that outperform genuine spares on any measurable parameters. Be it acceleration, fuel efficiency, refinement, ride, handling or braking - genuine spares would invariably exceed and outlast their cheaper counterparts. Also, automakers take full responsibility for the goods they sell to their customers. Original spares come with a warranty, which gives you additional peace of mind. By buying genuine spares over cheaper copies, you ensure better performance and back it up with a more extended warranty period.

Give your beloved two-wheeler the love and care it deserves, always use genuine spare parts, and your two-wheeler would keep performing optimally for a very long time.

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Ravi Gupta

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Ravi Gupta

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Irshad ansari

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Mrinmoy Roy

13 Feb 2022

Thanks for the advice. How could you help me to get a key set for my Apache rtr 200 4v (carburetor) which is not available at the local TVs service centre for the last 3 months? Do you supply bike parts directly to your customer?


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