A Guide to Eating Healthy and Safe While Being on a Road Trip

You could be one of those who ensure that their bike is well fed and always in the pink of its health, but what about you, the person on the saddle? For being in command of a machine which requires quite a lot of our physical strength, it is vital to stay energized and hydrated at all times. This holds especially true during long road trips as such trips require you to concentrate and stay strong for a long period of time. So, what you feed your body with and how often you do it, makes a huge difference when it comes to how you feel during and after the ride, both mentally and physically. If you’ve been neglecting this aspect until now, here’s a guide to eating healthy and safe on a road trip.

Staying Hydrated

When you are riding for long distances, like your bike’s fuel gauge, your body too has its own ways to tell you when you’re running low on fluids. But you shouldn’t wait for your body to get dehydrated, as water is also essential for the hydration of various muscles in your body along with other vital functions. If you are too frugal with intake of water, the possibility of dehydration and your muscles developing cramps amplifies many folds. Needless to say, you will start to wear out faster than you imagined. When that happens, rather than enjoying the ride, you’d only be thinking about getting to the destination as quickly as you can.

When you are on road, always drink packaged drinking water only. Even if you are not thirsty, it is a good idea to sip on smaller quantities from time to time. Invest on a good hydration bag for the convenience it offers. Always, carry pouches of some good electrolyte powder if you are going to be riding during summers. They help in restoring salts in your body which you generally tend to lose in the heat. If you find fresh coconut water, attack! Avoid caffeinated and sugar filled beverages as they will only dehydrate you more. To avoid getting your mouth dry, pop a sugar-free candy in your mouth instead of chewing gum.

Eating Right

Start your day by ensuring that your bowels are ready for fresh intake. Do not start a ride on an empty stomach, always eat something depending on what your body is accustomed to eat for breakfast. However, it is advisable to eat something light, oil-free and fresh. Also, filling your stomach completely is not what you should do before you start a long ride. For road trips, the thumb rule is not to have any uncooked food. Healthy as they may sound, uncooked food items such as salads, shakes and juices are best avoided, as they have a higher chance of being contaminated not having been sterilised with heat.

If you like eating wholesome, fresh foods, carry some light snacks like fresh fruits or dry fruits. To keep yourself energized, without having to take long breaks, it’s advisable to carry energy bars, health biscuits or any such nutrition and energy rich item which will keep you full for a long time. When you do stop for a meal, eat light and avoid oily food as that might make you feel dull during the ride.

Since your body is in a seated position for a long time your metabolism rate goes down. Try not giving in to the temptation of fast food or stuff which is difficult to digest. If you do that and put yourself in discomfort with things like acidity, or maybe even an upset stomach! While it’s difficult for some of us, to avoid non-vegetarian food during such long trips, eating vegetarian food is advisable. Chances are that while you’re riding, you’ll eat at places you are not familiar with. If the quality of food at such places is not very good, the likelihood of you getting an upset stomach or food poisoning is much higher with meat as compared to cooked vegetables and grains.

During the duration of the ride, even while resting for the night – try to stay away from alcoholic beverages. Don’t even think of consuming alcohol during the ride, it’s hugely detrimental to your fitness while riding and not to forget its illegal! If you have smoking related habits try to quit and you will appreciate how much better your body performs when you aren’t filling it with poison. If you cannot, avoid taking breaks just to light one up along with that cup of tea or coffee. By smoking while on a ride, you will only be putting yourself at the risk of some serious dehydration and loss of energy.


If you are suffering from any medical condition, do not leave the house without a medical kit. Otherwise also always carry a well-equipped first aid kit along with medication for common ailments like cough, cold, fever etc. In case of dehydration or any other health related issues, do not push further and put yourself at risk. Take a break and rest until you feel better.


During the rise if you are short on time, do not make the mistake of grabbing a quick bite at a roadside stall. At the very least, ensure the place maintains hygiene and is located at a distance away from the main road. When you select a restaurant, avoid going to places that cater to passengers of long-distance buses. They are known to dish out a disaster, as they have a deal with the operators and don’t have to worry about losing business because of quality. Do not take a risk with an isolated eating place either. Instead, stop where you see good family crowd and clean plates.


The idea should be to feel energized, cheerful and free from uneasiness while you are on the saddle. It isn’t any fun at all if you have to fight discomfort during a ride, which was supposed to be a pleasure-filled, memorable experience. So, the next time you plan a road trip, keep a diet plan ready for yourself and make the right choices on the way to stay healthy.

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