TVS Apache RR310 Chain: Maintenance Tips and Roller Guide Noise Myth Buster

Made of interlinking rings, the Drive Chain is the only connecting link between the engine of your motorcycle and the wheel it drives. For transferring all the accelerating and retarding forces to the rear wheel, it is important that the chain of your bike is always in a state where it can do its job efficiently. Any amount of neglect will only result in a lot of horsepower leaking out, while it is transferred from the crank towards the back wheel. The good thing is it doesn’t take much effort to ensure the well-being of the drive chain. Be prepared to get your hands a little dirty, or you may choose to wear gloves. Here’s what you need to do to keep the TVS Apache RR310 chain in good condition.

Since the Apache RR 310, like most performance motorcycles, doesn’t come with a main stand. So invest in a paddock stand which will allow the bike to remain upright and its rear wheel to be above the ground. Inspect the chain visually to ensure all the connecting links are in a healthy state. Compress and stretch the chain. Make sure there’s minimal play, all the blocks stay intact and act as one solid metal component.

Inspect the sprocket. The top most section of the teeth should have a flat surface area and the ridges shouldn’t be shaved to appear like a shark’s tooth. If that is the case, you have been accelerating and decelerating too hard, or your chain has been too tight. Get the sprocket and chain replaced in such an instance. Whenever it’s time for replacement, always remember that the sprocket and the chain need to be replaced together.

The TVS Apache RR 310 has a guiding sticker on the swing arm which will tell you how much slack is normal while the motorcycle is on its side stand. Ensure that it stays within the recommended level. If not that, we recommend to get it adjusted at your nearest Apache RR 310 service centre. Once that aspect is checked, with the bike on a paddock stand, ensure the gear is set to neutral and the rear wheel is free to move. Whatever you do, do not be tempted to use the engine’s power to rotate the rear wheel. You could only end up hurting or even losing your fingers if they ever come between the chain and the sprocket. Use manual power to rotate the rear wheel during the entire duration of the cleaning and lubing process.

Place a cardboard or any such material between the chain and the rear wheel. So that when you spray, the contents don’t spill over or are being sprayed on to the wheel. Rotate the wheel using one of your hands and spray Chain Clean throughout the circumference of the chain. Once done, leave it to loosen the debris for about 5 – 10 minutes. With a medium strength toothbrush, scrub the entire chain to further loosen all the muck and grime. Once done, use a rag or a soft cloth to wipe the chain clean as you rotate the wheel. Post that, use lube spray to lubricate the chain and your job’s done.

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Remember, this process needs to be repeated every 500 kilometers. However, if you ride your RR 310 in a part of the country which is close to the Sea, or where it snows / rains, it is recommended that you slightly reduce the cleaning and lubing interval. For those who notice an unusual sound from the chain near the side stand area, that’s the chain assembly roller guide going about its business. Because the RR 310 has a long swing-arm which helps it with stability, it is vital that the tension in the chain is maintained.

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This black/grey roller helps to maintain the tension and enhances the chain’s life. The latest batch of the Apache RR 310 motorcycles come fitted with a softer roller which reduces this noise.  For bikes which were manufactured initially, the slightly on the harder side roller is being voluntarily replaced with this softer variant during periodic service.  However, it’s just the rubber compound of the roller which is different. If you have been experiencing any such noise issues, check if your Apache RR 310 can be fitted with the softer compound roller, if it hasn’t been fitted with one already, contact your nearest authorized RR310 Service Center for more assistance.

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