Frequently Asked Questions

Buying the TVS X from a city where it is currently isn’t sold and taking it to another city may be a challenge due to the state legalities. Also, we do not have an after-sale service for TVS X in such cities, which may hinder your experience.
You can book and purchase the vehicle on the website. Our Relationship Manager will then contact you to take you through the process.
Yes, you must make a booking to purchase the TVS X. The booking amount is only ₹ 5000.
After you book your vehicle, you will get a link that helps you track the status of your order by logging into the website.
You must book individual vehicles separately. Also, you may book as many vehicles as you like.
Your bookings are allotted to your name and contact details which are also part of your unique profile. In the event, you would still want to go ahead with any changes feel free to contact (TVSM TVS X Helpline no.) and we will provide a decision on a case-by-case basis. However, once invoiced, ownership details cannot be changed.
TVS X is currently not available on lease
Yes, you will need a valid driver’s license to ride the TVS X. The TVS X is a hi-speed electric machine, which is above the 25 km/h cap for registration and license. Thus, registration and driving license is compulsory.
Since the vehicle is above FAME II subsidy limit you might only be eligible for state or local subsidiy depending on the state of purchase
Yes, the booking amount is fully refundable. However, once the final payment for the vehicle has been made, the booking and final payment amount is non-refundable.
The delivery for TVS X is planned in a phase-wise manner, starting from March 2024.
Exchange offers are not rolling out at the moment. Please stay tuned to our social pages to know about such offers!
You can check the availability in your city on the booking page by putting the pincode of your city.
Yes, the TVS X can be driven in rain. The TFT dashboard is also rain-resistant.
Yes, the TVS X can be washed regularly. However, we recommend you get it done only at TVS authorized service stations.
It comes with a pre-installed SIM from a renowned service provider.
Yes, you can ride the TVS X in stagnant water up to a depth of half a foot, with all safety precautions taken for the rider. You can be assured that all components on the floorboard are IP67 rated.
The TVS X comes with three driving modes with three different top speeds to suit different styles. It is also enabled with a cruise mode

Here are a few tips to get the best performance out of your TVS X.

  • Do not hold brakes while riding. Though it is a common practice among scooter riders to hold the rear brakes ever so slightly while riding, it should be avoided as it reduces the life of your brakes and burns extra energy in the process, thus reducing your efficiency.
  • Avoid overloading your scooter. The more weight you carry the more energy is used.
  • Rapid acceleration and riding at high speeds also use up your battery faster.
  • Maintain the recommended tyre pressure and check frequently. If they are under-inflated, their rolling resistance increases. As a result, more energy is wasted to move your scooter.

Riding in economy mode and using the highest re-gen setting will give you the maximum range

The motor used is an energy efficient PMSM shaft rotating motor with 11 kW peak power.
Yes, the TVS X comes with a powerful motor to ride in hilly regions.
It takes approximately 3 hours 40 mins to charge from 0 – 80% for 950 W

Yes, the vehicle is capable of fast charging. You can charge 0-50% in 58 mins with the 3kW wall mounted charger

It comes with a 950 W plug-and-play portable charger that can be used to charge a vehicle at any standard 15A charging point.
The cluster will switch off after charging, and the registered mobile App will show the live battery charging status as full.
No, there is no such risk to your TVS X as it comes equipped with an auto-cut feature. However, it is always advisable to stop charging once the battery is fully charged.
No, it is advised to use TVS chargers for charging your TVS X for better performance and longer life of the battery.

No, the range does not get affected by frequent charging.

Absolutely. However, it is strongly recommended to charge the vehicle up to 50% in case it’s not going to be used for a long period.
The battery is protected by an aluminium casing to rule out physical damage. The BMS regulates temperature and ensures optimum performance and it is certified as per government battery norms of AIS156 P2.
The battery used in the TVS X is Lithium-ion with NMC
No, there is no extra battery pack available as of now.
Yes, the Geofencing feature allows you to know where abouts of your vehicle.
Your smartphone will be connected to the vehicle through the mobile app. This can be downloaded by scanning the QR code provided in the user manual or links in the website.
You must request the change of registered mobile number at the authorized sales office or dealer office.
Yes, it is possible to connect provided he has the necessary information regarding the vehicle and mobile app connectivity.
Subscription plans are packaged offerings of services and features that enhance the overall ride experience and vehicle ownership for customers. The connected features on TVS X vehicle are packaged in the form of the basic and advanced packs for all owners. To avail of this, you will have to purchase the subscription plan by going to the subscriptions section available on the top left hamburger menu on your TVS X app. The first 1 year is free for all.
The vehicle offers three convenient and secure ways to unlock it. Firstly, you can use the mobile app, which allows for seamless unlocking with just a tap on your smartphone. Secondly, there's a smart card provided, which can be used to unlock the vehicle by simply holding it near the designated sensor area. Finally, you have the option to unlock the vehicle using a PIN. These multiple unlocking methods offer flexibility and ease of access, catering to different preferences and ensuring a convenient and safe unlocking experience for users.
"Send location to cluster" feature allows you to share locations received in messaging apps like Whatsapp or SMS from your friends and family to the vehicle cluster and navigate there. To send a location from messaging apps to the cluster, select the location, use the share option, select the TVSM app. It will open the location in the app and then can push it to the cluster for easy navigation.
Favourites help you to navigate to your frequent travelled locations with ease. To set your "home location" as a favorite, search for your home location on the map, tap on the favorite symbol in the details, and edit the name to your preferred label for quick and easy navigation.
Share live ride status can be done through both cluster and mobile app. In the cluster, it can be accessed through Navigation section and by providing either the mobile number or choose one of the other vehicle riders to send the location to their Whatsapp number using TVSM Whatsapp account. In case of mobile app, in Navigation section tap on the vehicle icon and then click on share, choose the time for which the vehicle status to be shared and click on share location. It opens up the app panel from which the link can be shared to required person in the required app section
No, there won't be any additional impact on the mobile battery life. The location is collected from the vehicle and be shared using telematics unit via server directly to the recipient.
Offline maps allows you to navigate even in areas with no or limited connectivity. In the settings section of the cluster, you can access offline maps and select the desired state to download the maps. Once downloaded, you can use these maps seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted navigation even when facing network connectivity issues. This ensures a smooth and reliable navigation experience, regardless of the network situation.
Incognito mode stops all location tracking and collection, ensuring that the rider's movements and location information are not stored or shared with any parties, ensuring maximum privacy and anonymity during the ride.
Yes, currently TVS is providing access to public charging stations to all its users. These charging stations are accessible through the charging stations menu in mobile application. TVS has TVSM-owned charging stations as well as to promote the EV adoption, we have partnered with prominent players providing EV charging industry. Users can directly search, select, start/stop charging from the mobile application. We are continuously expanding the number of charging stations available to the users to enhance convenience and accessibility.
You can easily customize the appearance of your vehicle's cluster display by using the available Themes. Additionally, you have the option to select a Wallpaper theme, where you can choose from a set of predefined wallpapers or upload your own favorite images from the mobile app. Moreover, you can switch between Dark and Light views based on your preference for maximum readability and personalization.
Having multiple profiles on the vehicle allows you to share the vehicle with friends or family without sharing your usage-related information with them. Each individual user can have their own personalization settings, navigation search history, travel favorites, and more, ensuring a personalized experience for everyone using the vehicle. This way, privacy and customization are maintained for each user separately.
You can share the access of the vehicle and connected features and app with your friends or family throught the mobile app. In the Settings section in the app, go to Vehicle Access and provide the mobile number of desire person to whom you wish to provide the access. They will receive an invite to login to the app. Once logged in they can access the vehicle and its functionalities
Widgets offer users a quick and convenient way to access essential information and features directly from their home screen. They provide access to important vehicle-related information, trip details, and infotainment options like Live Scores, Playback Control, and Weather. By using widgets, users can personalize their home screen and arrange information required to suit their individual needs, enhancing their overall user experience.
Geofence can be setup from the mobile app. Either can choose a circulate geofence or polygon geofence. First we need to choose a location and define the radius in case of geofence. In case of polygon, we can use the edges of the polygon to adjust the shape as requird on the screen. once saved a geofence is created and whenever a breach happens the owner is informed of it.
Simply log in to your Alexa account, search for "TVS" skills in the Alexa skills section, click on "Enable to Use," and then log in using your registered mobile number and enter the OTP. With this seamless integration, you can enjoy the benefits of voice-activated convenience and stay informed about your vehicle effortlessly. This enables you to interact with your Alexa devices to access essential vehicle information, such as State of Charge (SOC), Live Location, Vehicle status, Charging alerts, Geofence alerts, and more.
The TVSM Watch app is currently available on WearOS (2.0 & above) and WatchOS (6.0 & above). It offers users a convenient and accessible way to access key features of the vehicle and mobile app directly from their smartwatches. The Watch app provides users with functionalities such as Vehicle Information, Alerts & Notifications, and Remote Operations, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience on their smartwatches.
Wellness sounds are calm, soothing, nature-related sounds which enhances the ride experience by providing users with the choice of listening to various wellness sounds to make the riders journey peaceful and a stress-free ride.​ Riders may listen to this through helmets that have the functionality speakers.
By utilizing the Voice Assistant feature integrated , you can interact with the system using voice commands to access vehicle information or perform various actions before or during your ride. Commands may include starting navigation to a specific location, making calls, checking vehicle information such as State of Charge (SOC) and Range, and much more, enhancing the overall convenience and safety of your rides.
The battery is not designed to get overcharged. The battery has a smart protection system that will hinder the bulge and monitor battery health.
The vehicle has inbuilt voltage fluctuation protection. It is always recommended to use a factory-provided charger.
No, the TVS X does not come with detachable batteries.

Our roadside assistance will generally get to you in about 45 minutes, but traffic and weather are a few factors beyond our control, which can impact the time.

You can contact us via call or email for immediate support. Our team will be happy to help you. Toll-free number: 1800 572 1818 and email id:

No, the TVS X can be serviced only at those TVS dealerships where TVS X is retailed at. This is because we have deployed special service set-ups and specially trained service technicians for TVS X.