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We are committed to being a highly profitable, socially responsible, and leading manufacturer of high value for money, environmentally friendly, lifetime personal transportation products under the TVS brand, for customers predominantly in Asian markets and to provide fulfillment and prosperity for employees, dealers, and suppliers.

TVS Motor Vision

Driven by the customer

TVS Motor will be responsive to customer requirements consonant with its core competence and profitability. TVS Motor will provide total customer satisfaction by giving the customer the right product, at the right price, at the right time.


The Industry Leader

TVS Motor will be one among the top two two-wheeler manufacturers in India and one among the top five two-wheeler manufacturers in Asia.


Global Overview

TVS Motor will have profitable operations overseas especially in Asian markets, capitalizing on the expertise developed in the areas of manufacturing, technology and marketing. The thrust will be to achieve a significant share for international business in the total turnover.


At The Cutting Edge

TVS Motor will hone and sustain its cutting edge of technology by constant benchmarking against international leaders.


Committed to Total Quality

TVS Motor is committed to achieving a self-reviewing organization in perpetuity by adopting TQM as a way of life. TVS Motor believes in the importance of the process. People and projects will be evaluated both by their end results and the process adopted.


Environment, occupational health and safety policy

We at TVS Motor Company, a leading manufacturer of personal transportation products firmly believe in the integration of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety aspects with all business activities and ensure the well-being of employees and society.

We are committed to:

  • Set and continually improve the performance standards in all aspects of EHS including compliance with legal and other requirements.
  • Prevent pollution due to emission, effluents and wastes and contribute to conservation of resources.
  • Contribute in combating climate change by improving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy
  • Continue to connect with nature and ensure the protection of natural habitats.
  • Provide safe work environment, prevent injury and ill health at the work place.
  • Involve employees in driving the improvement of environment, occupational health and safety.
  • Provide education, training and counselling to employees. Support suppliers, dealers and contractors in adopting sound EHS practises.

The Human Factor

TVS Motor believes that people make an organization and that its well-being is dependent on the commitment and growth of its people. There will be a sustained effort through systematic training and planning career growth to develop employees' talents and enhance job satisfaction. TVS Motor will create an enabling ambience where the maximum self-actualisation of every employee is achieved. TVS Motor will support and encourage the process of self-renewal in all its employees and nurture their sense of self-worth.


Responsible Corporate Citizen

TVS Motor firmly believes in the integration of Safety, Health and Environmental aspects with all business activities and ensures the protection of employees and environment including development of surrounding communities. TVS Motor strives for long-term relationships of mutual trust and interdependence with its customers, employees, dealers, and suppliers.