Know everything about TVS iQube Electric Scooter in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can book and purchase the vehicle on the website. Our customer representative will then contact you to take you through the process. Click here to know more.
Yes, you must make a booking to purchase the iQube, as only a limited number of vehicles have been currently manufactured. The pre-booking amount is only INR 5 000.
After you book your vehicle, you will get a link which helps you track the status of your order by logging on to the website.
You must book individual vehicles separately. Also, you may book as many vehicles as you like. FAME subsidy will be available for the first vehicle within the category.
The TVS iQube is currently only available in Bengaluru. Buying it here to take it to another city might be a challenge due to state legalities. Also, we do not have after-sales service in other cities apart from Bengaluru currently, which may hinder your experience.
The iQube is being provided on limited release to selected enthusiasts. Your bookings are allotted to your name and contact details which are also part of your unique profile. It would only be fair to all the other enthusiasts in queue to not change your name and contact at a later stage. In the event you would still want to go ahead with any changes feel free to contact 1800 572 1818 (available from Monday to Friday 09:00 to 18:00) and we will provide a decision on case by case basis. However, once invoiced, ownership details cannot be changed.
Yes. The iQube is available for purchase through EMI options, through TVS Finance.
The TVS iQube is currently not available on lease, as we feel you would definitely like to completely own such an engineering masterpiece.
Yes, you will need a valid driver’s license to ride the iQube. Unlike many electric vehicles, iQube has a top speed of 78 km/h, which is above the 25 km/h cap for registration and license. Thus, making registration and licensing compulsory.
Yes. However the subsidy will be applicable to only 1 electric vehicle per customer.
Yes, the iQube can be driven in rain. The TFT dashboard is also rain-resistant.
Yes, the iQube can be washed regularly. However, we recommend you get it done only at TVS authorized service stations.
It comes with pre-installed SIM from renowned service provider.
Yes, you can ride the TVS iQube in stagnant water up to a depth of half a foot, with all safety precautions taken for the rider. You can be rest assured that all components on floorboard are IP67 rated.
The TVS iQube comes with two driving modes with different top speeds to suit different styles.

Here are a few tips to get the best performance out of your TVS iQube.

  • Do not hold brakes while riding. Though it is a common practice among scooter riders to hold the rear brakes ever so slightly while riding, it should be avoided as it reduces the life of your brakes and burns extra energy in the process, thus reducing your efficiency.
  • Avoid overloading your scooter. The more weight you carry the more energy is used.
  • Rapid acceleration and riding at high speeds also use up your battery faster.
  • Maintain the recommended tyre pressure and check frequently. If they are under-inflated, their rolling resistance increases. As a result, more energy is wasted to move your scooter.
It takes approximately 6 hours to charge the TVS iQube from 0 to 100%, and 0 to 80 % in less than 4 hours 30 min with the on-board charger.

It takes around 2.5kWh of electricity to fully charge the TVS iQube. This is equivalent to 2.5 units of electricity.

Assuming the cost of electricity to be Rs.7, it would cost you just Rs.17.50 for charging your TVS iQube from 0% to 100%.

Fast charging impacts the lifespan of Li-ion batteries and as of now TVS iQube does not support fast charging. We are continuously working on fast charging technology which has least impact on battery life and would bring it to market at the earliest.
TVSM will install a smart charging socket at home (if possible, as per feasibility study). Your TVS iQube also comes with a charging cable having an industrial socket and an ICPD (In Cable Protection Device) to give you maximum safety while charging. You can use this charging cable to charge your vehicle at the installed smart home charging socket.
The charging unit would be preferably installed at the place where you would be parking your vehicle. The TVS iQube’s charging socket is designed and tested for usage in an enclosed space. We would recommend you to select an area which is free from obstruction, safe from weather, out of reach of children, and nearest to your meter. However you are free to indicate a suitable alternate as per your convenience.

After you book TVS iQube, a customer relationship manager will be in touch with you to facilitate a home survey to assess the feasibility to install the smart charging socket. The survey will be done by TVSM appointed installation team. The feasibility study will primarily look into the following apart from other things –

  • Whether you have a dedicated parking area for your vehicle
  • Whether you have permissions from landlord, RWA or other housing association to install the smart home charging socket
  • Whether your home/apartment needs power augmentation to take extra load. Although the extra electricity load would be a nominal 500W (less than your geyser, air conditioner etc)
  • Whether a proper earthing is there in the home/apartment

TVSM installation team will guide you to obtain necessary permissions, and will provide you exact details about the work & the cost to install the smart socket. In case it’s not feasible to install the smart socket TVSM will work on exploring alternatives case by case basis.

If it is not possible to install the home charging unit within 3m of the vehicle parking area due to unavailability of the permission from the RWA/Landlord or other association/property owner, as an alternative you can install an IP65 IEC 60309 socket in a suitable space and charge the vehicle with the ICPD cable which comes along with vehicle. The regular 5A AC adapter can also be used to charge your vehicle at any 5A socket.

As part of the launch offer. We would be providing the home charging unit and installation bundled with the purchase of your TVS iQube. TVSM appointed team after doing the feasibility assessment will do the installation.

We will need to take a few photographs of your house as a requisite in the home-inspection process. Please allow the home inspection executive to carry this out with your consent.
Your TVS iQube charger has a consumption of just 500W. This is less than your household equipment like iron (~700W), microwave oven or a 1 ton air conditioner (~1000W), etc. In most of the cases there wont be a need to install an additional electricity meter, but it will be clear after the feasibility study is conducted.
The on-board charger on your TVS iQube would be compatible with a IEC 60309 compliant 3 pin industrial socket or a regular 5A socket (with adapter supplied along with TVS iQube) installed at public places, office parking lots or public charging stations put by government, TVSM or other electric vehicle charging service providers. This will allow you to charge your TVS iQube at any of these places apart from your home.

If it’s not feasible to install a smart home charging socket, you have the option to charge your vehicle at any of the above places. You also have the option to not go ahead with purchase of the vehicle in which case your entire booking amount will be refunded.

The industrial socket which is provided is safe to use for the lifetime and it avoids arching. It is recommended by the government as part of electric vehicle charging standard. Moreover it gives you more options to charge your vehicle as it is compatible with government installed charging stations and other charging stations installed as per government standards. However you can always use the optionally-available adapter to charge at regular 5A domestic sockets.
Whether you stay in a standalone home or an apartment in a residential complex, we would require authorization from your landlord or residents association to install your charging socket at the place of your choice.

The regular installation only requires minimal drilling for wire routing and mounting so it should not be difficult to get permission.

The socket is about the size of a laptop.
We would be happy to support it at the new location at nominal costs, provided it is within our serviceable area and you have the requisite permissions.
The TVS iQube’s charging socket only consumes nominal energy - less than a night lamp - in standby mode.
Since most BESCOM AC charging points use an industrial socket it would be possible to charge your vehicle at those stations. Besides BESCOM, you can also charge your vehicle at any IEC 60309 socket (AC001 standard) or any 5A socket with ease.

Your home unit can charge other vehicles consuming less than 1kW of power as long as you authenticate them.

However, for warranty and safety it is recommended to charge only TVS iQube’s using the same.
We will not be touching or modifying your installed meter in anyway. The electricity will be drawn from the main fuse/circuit breaker.
If you mount the charging socket on any wall or pillar there would be no civil work required other than minor drilling. We will route the wiring through cable trays or conduits. In case you opt for pedestal mounting or we need to provide a separate earth connection, there would be some civil work involved.
Our engineers are licensed and trained. They would take diligent care during installation.
Your installation and unit both are covered under warranty. The installation of your unit is covered for 6 months and the unit is covered for 12 months from purchase from manufacturing defects under intended usage of charging your TVS iQube only.
It's designed and tested for usage in an enclosed space.
The cluster will switch off after charging, and the registered mobile App will show the live battery charging status as full.
No, there is no such risk to your TVS iQube as it comes equipped with an auto-cut feature. However, it is always advisable to stop charging once the battery is fully charged.
There is absolutely no sound while charging.

The home charger indicates its status by using the on-board LEDs. Here's what different colours mean

Solid Green light: The input power supply is available

Solid yellow light: The home charging unit is authenticated to charge the vehicle

Yellow light blinking: The vehicle is charging

Solid Red light: Any fault due to erratic power supply or malfunctioning of the socket

Yes, you can, but you need to authenticate your charger for him.

The overall price of the installation will depend on any discount at the time of booking. For current discounts please visit the pricing section of the website. The discount will be subtracted from the total installation cost (including GST of 18%). The charger installation costs will be as follows-

  • Only survey visit by electrician - Rs 770
  • Survey & Installation visit - Rs 2 640 (this will include 5m of cable with conduit)
  • Additional earth pit - Rs 3 300
  • Additional wiring - Rs 132/m (this will include conduit also)

If there is an additional MCB/DB to be installed at the Main distribution box (meter/MDB), it will have to be installed and paid for by you.

If there is already an earth pit but the voltage is more than 3V, then you will have to rectify the earth pit to bring it down to below 3V. The rectification has to be done and paid for by you.

If there is a need to make a through hole in the wall to get the cable from one side of the wall to other, this too will have to be done and paid for by you.

TVS TVS iQube comes with a highly accurate distance to empty information on the vehicle cluster which helps you to plan your trips and charging sessions. In case you have to go for an unplanned extra mile you can recharge your vehicle at any of the charging stations appearing on the vehicle app. We are continuously trying to bring information about as many charging stations on TVS iQube App to give you maximum options to re charge the vehicle

You can also use the adapter given along with the vehicle to charge your vehicle at any 5A regular socket available at numerous places.

No, the range does not get affected by frequent charging.
Absolutely. However, it is strongly recommended to charge the vehicle up to 50% in case it’s not going to be used for a long period.
It will be till 93% to 95 % % of the initial capacity.

Yes, initially we have 3 dealerships dedicated for sale of TVS iQube in Bangalore. The details of these can be found here

With key off condition the battery will discharge 5 % in 10 days only.
The battery is protected by an aluminum casing to rule out physical damage. Also, the BMS regulates temperature and ensures optimum performance.
Your battery has a life of 50000 kms which for an average usage of 25 kms/day turns out to be more than 5 years. The battery technology is improving fast and costs are continuously coming down, so the replacement costs will be fraction of today’s cost.
Yes. Geofencing feature allows you to know the whereabouts of your vehicle.
Your smartphone will be connected to the vehicle through the mobile app. This can be downloaded by scanning the QR code provided in user manual or links in website.
You have to request for the change of registered mobile number at the authorized sales office or dealer office.
Yes it is possible to connect provided he has the necessary information regarding vehicle and mobile app connectivity.
The battery is not designed to get overcharged. The battery has a smart protection system which will hinder the bulge, and monitors battery health.
The vehicle has inbuilt voltage fluctuation protection. It is always recommended to use factory provided charging cable.
This is not advisable as the batteries are continuously monitored along with other controllers in the vehicle which keeps the batteries safe.
The first service of your TVS iQube is scheduled after 6 months from the date of purchase or 4000 km of riding, whichever is earlier. The second service is scheduled after 12 months from the date of purchase or 8000 km of riding, whichever is earlier. The next services are scheduled every 12 months or 4000 km of riding after that.

Once your vehicle is serviced, here are the consumables that will be replaced, depending on the maintenance schedule or the amount of wear.

  • Front fork seal
  • Front brake pad
  • Rear brake liner
  • Disc brake hoses

We will also do a top-up of brake fluid, front fork oil and lubrication of various joints.

Our roadside assistance will generally get to you in about 45 minutes, but traffic and weather are few factors beyond our control, which can impact the time.

We will ensure that you have a happy experience with our services. However, in the rare event when you are unable to enjoy the benefit of the paid service, we will ensure that you are fairly compensated.