TVS iQube - Smart Electric Scooter in India - Price, Features and Specification
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Meet the Incredible

TVS iQube

  • Top Speed

  • Range

  • Charging Time

Meet the Incredible

TVS iQube S

  • Top Speed

  • Range

  • Charging Time

Meet the Incredible

TVS iQube ST

  • Top Speed

  • Range

  • Charging Time

Get ready to redefine your everyday ride with TVS iQube electric scooter.

TVS iQube Electric is designed to deliver a smart, connected, personalized commuting experience for you. Its ultra-low-cost-of-running will blow away your mind!

Exhilarating Performance 

Get ready to experience instant acceleration & zipping through traffic like never before. TVS iQube Electric’s silent surge of acceleration will take you from 0 km/h to 40 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. And we are serious about being ‘Silent’ – whether you are moving forward or using Q-park Assist to reverse the scooter.

Anxiety of Range is a thing of the past

With 145 km* range and a smart “Plug & Play” carry-along charger, you never have to really think twice for making those quick, unplanned trips. With the Distance-to-Empty feature on the dashboard, you are always in the know of the estimated range.

Uncannily Economical

Embrace the new formula of mileage! TVS iQube Electric will redefine your mathematics with its extremely economical cost of running. Now just enjoy the superior, smart & connected commuting experience without having to worry about the cost of it.

Ultimate Peace-of-mind

Every customer of iQube is assigned with one dedicated Relationship Manager. So that never, we are far away from you when you need our assistance. The RSA program also has been uniquely designed to give the best support in times of need. 

Smart style, practical design and unmatched build

The all-new TVS iQube is designed to give you the best of comfort, convenience and superior riding experience. Add to this striking good looks and trusted build quality from TVS, and what you get is an electric scooter that’s just the best!

TVS iQube Electric Scooter Smart LED Light
TVS iQube Electric Scooter Carry Along Charger
TVS iQube Electric Scooter HMI Holder
TVS iQube Electric Scooter 32 litres Storage
TVS iQube Electric Scooter 17.78 cm Touch Screen
*Disclaimer: Available with iQube ST

Beat the traffic blues, without making any noise about it

The iQube meets your need for everyday riding requirement with maximum range available to you. Switch to power mode, and get the thrill of superior performance, faster pick-up and quick acceleration. All without making any noise about it.


Zip past everyday traffic in the blink of an eye. Go as fast as 82 km/h, and make your everyday commute a breeze to ride.


No more queuing up at fuel stations. Just charge your iQube once, and it’s good enough to ride non-stop for 145 km* . Infact, considering an average commute of 30 kms per day, you can go without charging for 4 days!


The TVS iQube comes with a silent, hub–mounted motor with a peak power output of 4.4 kW. That means all the power available to you without any loss in transmission. So go on, ride ahead of everyone else!


The TVS iQube is powered by a 2 Li-ion battery pack that are IP 67 rated, ensuring water and dust resistance. We have gone a step further and added additional safety for the batteries with high strength aluminium extrusion casing. The battery is also backed by indigenously developed BMS (Battery Management System) that gives you longer battery life. With a 3 year/50,000 kms warranty all you need to do is – enjoy your rides, worry-free!


With a peak power output of 4.4 kW and zero loss of transmission, the iQube ensures all of the power generated is available to you, at all times. So no riding conditions can stop you - be it congested roads, or open ones!


The new TVS iQube accelerates from 0-40 in just 4.2 seconds, so you stay ahead of the pack, always. Even if there are steep inclines, you never have to think twice!
*Disclaimer: Under Standard Conditions.

Refuel your TVS iQube – anywhere.

Now charge your iQube from 0 – 80% in less than 5 hours. That’s 115+ kms* range in less than 5 hours. All with the convenience of charging anywhere with the easy to use, portable new 650 W charger.

Charging cable

The iQube comes with an easy to use, plug & play portable charger, plug and play charging cable that you can use at any 15A plug point to charge your vehicle. Price: ₹ 9 450

Charging time:

With less than 5 hours for 0-80% charging time and automatic power cut-off after 100% charging, all you need is to plug your iQube overnight and be ready to ride with 145 km* of range per charge.
*Disclaimer: Available with iQube ST
TVS SmartXonnect

Discover the most convenient way of accessing your scooter’s stats.

Access critical information about your scooter from the convenience of your home with our specially designed TVS iQube skillset for Alexa

Alexa for TVS iQube Electric Scooter
Live vehicle tracking

With an in-built SIM in the next-gen dashboard, you can know the location of your iQube, anytime.

Crash alert

The pre-fed contact gets an immediate alert incase the vehicle is involved in a crash.

Geo fencing

With geofencing, you get additional safety for your iQube, by setting up to 5 fences for your vehicle. If the vehicle crosses any of these fences, you get alerted immediately.

Anti theft alert

Get an anti-theft alert incase the vehicle is dragged while it is locked.

Service alert

Get timely service alerts on your dashboard. Longer vehicle life, and less worries for you.

Proactive diagnosis

Get real time alerts on your app for any vehicle function anomaly for critical parts like battery, motor etc.

Music player

The iQube comes with a music player on the dashboard that can be connected through your phone and controlled through the HMI interface.

Communication apps

Get access to your favorite social media apps-at your fingertips.

Phone connectivity

You can connect your phone to the iQube via Bluetooth, and access features available on the iQube App.

Incoming call/SMS

Get incoming call and SMS alerts, even while riding.

Navigation assist

With on-board navigation assist, no destination stays unreachable for you.

Last parked location

Never lose your iQube with the telematics enabled last parked location.

Carbon saving

Reduce your carbon footprint and help keep the planet green with a clean commute with the TVS iQube.

Regen braking

Save energy with regen braking - so you utilize energy more efficiently.

iQube smartXonnect subscription plans

Get the most out of your iQube, with multiple subscription plans to choose from depending on your requirements.

TVS iQube: The smartest choice

Savings of ₹ 93 500 + Savings* on service and maintenance costs

30 km per day @ ₹ 100 per liter

₹ 1 00 000

x 50000 km* @ ₹ 18.75 per charge

₹ 6 466

+ GST Savings

TVS iQube electric scooter quality assurance


The iQube comes to you with an extensive Road Side Assistance programme (at no cost for 1st year) for complete peace of mind, in case you need any help while on the roads

Relationship Manager

You get a dedicated Relationship Manager with your iQube. So you get helping and caring support from anywhere, just call away!

Ownership Experience

At TVS, we ensure complete peace of mind through seamless and dedicated ownership experience. So be it after sales service or any other issue, our integrated ecosystem ensures you are taken care of.

Network / Service

The TVS iQube is available at more than 150 dealers across 80+ cities in India. So whatever your need be – a test ride, vehicle enquiry, or post sales service - you are assured of the best experience at a TVS dealership, through company trained sales and service teams.

Dealerships near you


Available Colours
₹ 1 63 230
FAME II Subsidy -₹ 51 000
On Road Price* Exclusive of charger price
₹ 1 12 230
arrow View Detailed Breakup

Inclusive of

3 Year Warranty
1 Year Road Side Assistance
Standard Accessories
1 Year Advanced Subscription

Center Stand

₹ 965


Pillion Side Footrest

₹ 840


Number Plate Bracket (Mandatory)

₹ 98


All Round Guard

₹ 2166


iQube Designer Floormat

₹ 450

*Accessories images are for representation purposes only. Actual product may vary

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TVS Motor Company unveiled the new TVS iQube electric in Goa. Interestingly the electric scooter has come to Goa after a few years since its national launch.

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iQube has been launched in Goa in two variants viz. iQube and iQube S.

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iQube has been launched in Goa in two variants viz. iQube and iQube S.

Oct 07, 2022

The Times of India

TVS Motor Company unveiled its new TVS iQube Electric scooter series in Goa and claims to have received an overwhelming response.

Oct 07, 2022


TVS launches the iQube electric scooter series in 3 variants and 11 colours, with 3 charging options in Goa on Friday.

Oct 07, 2022

Live News Goa

TVS Motor Company unveiled the new TVS iQube Electric scooter series that come loaded with best-in-class on-road range, in Goa today after receiving an overwhelming response in the city.

Oct 07, 2022


The TVS iQube electric scooter improves upon some important aspects. But is that enough or should you wait for the ST?

Sep 23, 2022

Financial Express

World EV Day is marked internationally on September 9 every year in celebration of e-mobility, and a day to shift the transition to sustainable transport with consumer, business and policy outcomes.

Sep 13, 2022

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Customer adoption of electric two-wheelers continue to increase, with expectations of high-quality products, differentiated experiences as compared to conventional offerings and, an aspiration to be a part of this evolutionary journey.

Sep 12, 2022

Aiz Goa News

TVS iQube ST is available in four new ultra-premium colour options and comes with 1.5kW fast-charging and a generous two-helmet under-seat storage of 32 litres.

Sep 12, 2022

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Today is World EV Day. The day is observed every year with special awareness campaigns being organised globally to educate people about the benefits of electric vehicles.

Sep 09, 2022


TVS Motor Co recently updated their iQube variants by adding two new variants, the iQube S & the iQube ST. The top-of-the-line iQube ST packs a spread of upto 145 km, whereas additionally delivering a faster 4 hours and 6 minutes 0-100 percent charging time, versus the 4 and half-hour of the iQube and iQube S.

Sep 09, 2022

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With the world EV Day 2022 just around the corner, brand heads and e-mobility experts convey their messages on how India can strongly and steadily advance its automotive electrification initiative.

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We ride the updated 2022 TVS iQube electric scooter on everyday roads, in the city and over broken roads to see if it makes for a good option as an alternative to a petrol-powered scooter.

Aug 03, 2022

Financial Express

The 2022 TVS iQube gets more mileage, more features, more charging options, and a price cut.

May 27, 2022


TVS Motor Company had forayed into the EV space with the iQube electric scooter. The premiere had happened at a time when there were not many names competing in the electric scooter space. It continues to be the only all-electric offering from the Indian manufacturer. Here’s what it is like to live with this electric scooter.

Mar 31, 2022

News 18 Hindi

एक बार चार्ज होने पर टीव्हीएस आयक्यूब इलेक्ट्रीक स्कूटर करीब 80 किलोमीटर तक चल सकता है. इसकी टॉप स्पीड 78 किलोमीटर प्रति घंटा है और यह मात्र 4.2 सेकेंड में 0 से 40 किलोमीटर की स्पीड पकड़ सकता है.

Mar 29, 2022

Team BHP

Team BHP (prasi55) shares his ownership report 9 months after he purchased the TVS iQube electric scooter.

Jan 20, 2022

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ప్రముఖ వాహన తయారీ సంస్థ టీవీఎస్​ గతేడాది ఐక్యూబ్​ పేరుతో ఎలక్ట్రిక్​ స్కూటర్​ను లాంచ్​ చేసిన విషయం తెలిసిందే. ఈ స్కూటర్​కు అనూహ్యమైన రెస్పాన్స్​ రావడంతో మరికొద్ది రోజుల్లోనే 20 నగరాల్లో తమ సేవలను విస్తరించాలని ప్లాన్​ చేస్తోంది.

Jan 13, 2022


The TVS iQube presents itself as an everyday electric scooter that will ride you to work and will also help do your errands in fun. It is a very rider-friendly scooter and everyone in the family, from teenagers to grandparents will have a fun time on it. But, if you are looking for an electric scooter that does something more than just the usual day to day commute and even in terms of style and design. The iQube may leave you wanting for more.

Mar 19, 2020

Autocar India

Its simple, quirky looking, the grippy TVS tyres on the 12-inch wheels at both ends also helped improve stability.

Feb 29, 2020


TVS has done a smart move by not compromising the throttle response, especially in Eco mode. With impressive build quality, top-notch fit-and-finish, a comfortable seat for both the rider and the pillion, and a lot of smart features, the iQube is a practical option to tackle your traffic nightmares in Bengaluru.

Feb 29, 2020

EV Iqube

Overdrive ran the TVS iQube, Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X Gen 3, and Bajaj Chetak through a long loop in the real world to see which one lasts the distance! You will be surprised to see how they faired in the range test compared to their claimed figures.

Nov 15, 2022

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Autocar India

The TVS iQube S, Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450 X, and Bajaj Chetak are the best electric scooters in India today. But which is the one that will suit your needs best? Rishabh Bhaskar helps you find the right fit.

Oct 18, 2022

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Goa 365 TV

टीव्हीएस मोटर कंपनीन बेस्ट इन क्लास ऑन रोड रेंज भरिल्ली नवी टीव्हीएस आयक्यूब इलेक्ट्रीक स्कूटरीचे निकतेंच उक्तावण केलें.

Oct 08, 2022

EV Iqube
Prudent Media Group

TVS Goa Unveils iQube Electric Scooters with Exciting Features.

Oct 07, 2022

EV Iqube

The TVS iQube was likeable electric scooter as it was friendly and practical. This year, TVS’ first electric scooter received an update with the introduction of a bunch of new features and two new variants – S and ST. TVS has been playing the waiting game with the ST, and in this video we tell whether you should wait or pick up the ‘S’ variant now. After all, it packs a decent range and is loaded with features too.

Sep 22, 2022

EV Iqube
Car and Bike

TVS iQube electric scooter now gets more range, new colours, and more features in the higher variants.

Jun 08, 2022

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TVS has changed the game and set a new benchmark when one looks at the new iQube that comes in 3 variants.

May 25, 2022

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സാധാരണ ഇലക്ട്രിക് സ്കൂട്ടറിൽനിന്നു വ്യത്യസ്തനാണ് ഐ ക്യൂബ്. പെട്രോൾ സ്കൂട്ടറിന്റെ വലുപ്പവും ഡിസൈനുമാണ് ഐ ക്യൂബിന്റേത്. ഒറ്റക്കാഴ്ചയിൽ ഇതൊരു ഇലക്ട്രിക് സ്കൂട്ടറാണെന്നു പറയില്ല. ഉയർന്ന നിർമാണ നിലവാരം. ഉഗ്രൻ റൈഡ് ക്വാളിറ്റി.

Apr 01, 2022

EV Iqube
Evo India

The TVS iQube S, Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450 X, and Bajaj Chetak are the best electric scooters in India today. But which is the one that will suit your needs best? Rishabh Bhaskar helps you find the right fit.

Mar 26, 2022

EV Iqube

The TVS iQube electric scooter was launched last month with a price tag of Rs 1.15 lakh

Mar 08, 2022

EV Iqube
Team DDS

DDSravi shares his review of the TVS iQube electric scooter an alternative to petrol-driven scooters.

Feb 14, 2022

EV Iqube
Strell in Malayalam

Strell shares his review of the TVS iQube electric scooter as a premium quality electric scooter.

Jan 22, 2022

EV Iqube
Car and Bike

The TVS iQube is the first EV from a legacy manufacturer, that is TVS Motor Company. A company known for its well-engineered two-wheelers.

Jan 14, 2022

EV Iqube
Drive Spark

TVS Motor Company has finally entered the EV segment in the Indian market, with the iQube electric scooter. The company is the second mainstream two-wheeler manufacturer after Bajaj to enter the electric scooter segment in the Indian market. The all-new TVS iQube electric scooter is the brand's first model in their EV portfolio, which embodies the company's 'Green & Connected' focus. The electric scooter has been developed completely in-house by the brand at their manufacturing facility at Hosur, situated on the outskirts of Bangalore. The TVS iQube electric scooter was launched last month with a price tag of Rs 1.15 lakh (On-road, Bangalore). The electric scooter is currently available only in Bangalore, with TVS set to introduce the iQube electric scooter across India at a slightly later stage.

Mar 04, 2020

EV Iqube
Autocar India

The TVS iQube Electric marks the company's foray in the Indian electric scooter space. With a reputation for building exciting and well rounded petrol-powered scooters, can its maiden electric scooter build upon this? Rishabh Bhaskar has the answer

Feb 29, 2020

EV Iqube
Bike Dekho

The iQube is TVS' first major step into the electric space

Feb 29, 2020

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FAME II subsidy

If the world of EVs intrigues you, you might have heard about the FAME II subsidy.

TVS IQube Blog Thumbail: Kochi Ride Diaries
Kochi Ride Diaries

We celebrate a mega delivery day in Kochi and spend some time exploring the beautiful city.

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Did you know?

TVS iQube deploys 6 different microcontrollers which communicates to each other continuously in synchronicity at a speed of one thousandth of a second!!

TVS iQube comes with 2.5 times more powerful processing power than your standard laptop!

TVS iQube has 10 times more sensors than your laptop!