Do’s and Dont’s


  • Riders should maintain strict discipline while riding.

  • Riders should share any difficulty faced during the ride with the organizer or any fellow rider.

  • Lend support to your fellow riders in case of any difficulties.

  • Carry extra batteries for your camera and mobile phones as electricity in certain places can be an issue.

  • Always carry plenty of water as hydration is vital in high altitude conditions to keep you going. Carrying snacks and energy drinks is also mandatory.

  • If you are on medication, do include them in the box as well. If you aren’t carrying one, do consider buying one and keep it with you at all times.

  • While within monastery premises, do take permission of the monk or the person in charge before clicking pictures.

  • Do ensure that you have all documents and permits required as certain attractions admit tourists with requisite permits only.


  • Avoid wearing clothes such as skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops while travelling, especially when we visit monasteries as you might offend monk’s sentiment.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking since it is not good for your health and the 12-day expedition.

  • Avoid carrying plastic bags. They are officially banned in the region.

  • Don’t harm or disturb the gorgeous flora and fauna as you ride/walk/trek across the geographical and cultural landscapes.