• Firmly suggest you to get your motorcycle serviced at the nearest TVS Motor service center before the ride.

  • Take a short ride on your TVS premium motorcycle before the onset of the 12-day expedition.

  • Check your bike’s chain stretch, belt cracking and sprocket wear.

  • Examine your bike’s wheel alignment, tyre condition, tyre pressure and tyre tread wear.

  • Ensure your bike’s suspension is in good shape.

  • Make sure the headlight, tail lamps and signal lamps are in working condition.

  • Fill up your tank at least one day before the ride and it is important to be aware of your bike’s fuel consumption.

  • Check all cables and ensure that they are in proper condition.

  • Make sure that your clutch is in order and adjusted properly without a trace of any drag, slip etc. Also, clutch cable hardness and wear must be checked.

  • Check the engine oil and make sure that the engine oil is in good condition. Oil replacement is recommended.

  • Coolant top-up must be done.

  • Make sure that the air filter is clean and the fuel filter is replaced.

  • Inspect your bike’s brake twice or thrice. Also, brake pad wear must be checked.

  • Check the radiator fan rotation, battery condition and earthing connections.