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Exciting News for Electric Scooter Enthusiasts: New TVS iQube Variant Launched!

Initially unveiled in January 2020, the demand for TVS Motor Co.’s first-ever electric scooter has seen rapid growth in the past few years with the ongoing tandem of two-wheeler users shifting to electric mobility in the country. However, during the initial launch only the Base variant and iQube S were unveiled.

Now finally, the top of the line - TVS iQube ST (5.1kWh battery) and a new budget electric scooter - TVS iQube (2.2kWh battery) have been recently launched. The company is showcasing not only domestic but serious global ambitions to have a strong footprint in the two-wheeler spectrum with the newly launched electric scooters in the TVS iQube lineup.

Here’s how the current TVS iQube lineup stands:

TVS iQube (2.2kWh)

It has been a while since the TVS iQube was unveiled, with much-awaited update to the lineup in order to cater budget-conscious buyers. The more accessible and affordable TVS iQube has been added to the electric lineup, this latest variant of TVS Motor electric scooter comes with a 2.2kWh battery pack and an IDC range of 75km.

The highlight of this e-scooter is the charging speed; the 950W charger can juice up the battery from 0-80% in 2 hours. Furthermore, this new electric scooter has one of the lowest weights of any electric scooter in the same category at just 115kg and 30 litres of under-seat storage space. This entry-level variant of TVS iQube is priced at ₹ 94,999*.

Colour options – Pearl White and Walnut Brown.

TVS iQube (3.4kWh)

It has a lot in common with the entry-level TVS IQube, one key difference is the battery pack. This variant comes with a bigger 3.4kWh battery pack, a range of 100km (IDC) and a bigger 32 litres of under-seat storage.

Colour options – Shining Red, Pearl White and Titanium Grey Glossy.

TVS iQube S (3.4kWh)

It has been the most popular variant, ever since TVS iQube was launched in 2020. The current iteration comes with a 3.4kWh battery pack and three attractive colour options, making it absolute value for money option in the category.

Colour options – Mint Blue, Copper Bronze Glassy and Mercury Grey Glossy.

TVS iQube ST (3.4kWh)

It is one of the two flagship electric scooters, TVS Motor has recently unveiled. Carrying the same battery pack as the TVS iQube S, it has a bigger 7” TFT display, a 950W charger and an option of TPMS (Tyre pressure monitoring system).

Colour options – Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Glossy, Titanium Grey Matte and Starlight Blue Glossy.

TVS iQube ST (5.1kWh)

It has been recently launched along with the entry-level variant of TVS iQube. It gets the biggest battery pack in the segment of 5.1kWh, a 7” TFT display. All the variants of TVS iQube will get future updates, but TVS iQube ST will get assured OTA updates for BMS as well as the console. The highlight of this electric scooter is the claimed real-world range of 150*km on a single charge.

Colour options – Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Glossy, titanium Grey Matte and Starlight Blue Glossy.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the specifications:

TVS iQube Variants TVS iQube(2.2kWh) TVS iQube(3.4kWh) TVS iQube S (3.4Kwh) TVS iQube ST (3.4kWh) TVS iQube ST(5.1kWh)
Power Output (Rated/Peak) 3kW/4.4kW 3kW/4.4kW 3kW/4.4kW 3kW/4.4kW 3kW/4.4kW
Torque Output (Rated/Peak) 33Nm/140Nm 33Nm/140Nm 33Nm/140Nm 33Nm/140Nm 33Nm/140Nm
Battery Size 2.2kWh 3.4kWh 3.4kWh 3.4kWh 5.1kWh
Range 75*km 100*km 100*km 100*km 150*km
Top Speed 75km/h 78km/h 78km/h 78km/h 82km/h
Joystick Control No No Yes Yes Yes
Screen Size 5"TFT 5"TFT 7"TFT 7"TFT 7"TFT
Under Seat Storage 30 litres 32 litres 32 litres 32 litres 32 litres
Charger 950W 650W 650W 950W 950W
Charging Time 2h 4.5h 4.5h 3h 4h 18m

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Note – Copper Bronze Matte, Coral Sand Glossy, titanium Grey Matte and Starlight Blue Glossy.

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