TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Vehicles | 19 Sep 2023

TVS Apache BTO: Build Your Own Race Machine

The TVS Apache RR 310 is a true testament to the fusion of track-inspired technology and road-ready performance. The extensive testing of this sports bike in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel has yielded the best-in-class coefficient of drag. This lets TVS Apache RR 310 achieve maximum down force, minimum wind blast and a higher top speed.

Designed to outperform, the shape, body lines of the bike, and aerodynamically designed windshield, all help it to light up the tarmac.

Dynamic Performance

The race machine features a 312 cc reverse inclined DOHC engine with throttle-by-wire, which is a sensor attached to the throttle and detects how far it has been pressed, thus offering instant throttle response and acceleration. The system is precision-tuned for each ride mode to keep this track weapon ahead in any race condition.
The eternal need to outperform the competition is embodied by the RR 310. It is built to conquer and provide an unmatched riding experience, thanks to the Racing Origin Trellis Frame which offers the required weight reduction and provides high dynamic stiffness for great straight-line stability. Honed using static and dynamic testing, it gives the racer ultimate control as the rear-set foot pegs enable the racer to achieve a perfect balance between comfort and sporty ergonomics.
Be it the track or the road, the Liquid Cooled-oil-Coolant Technology provides efficient thermal management while also keeping the high-revving engine cool in different riding conditions.

Track Inspired Features

Considered to be one of the best sports bike in India, in terms of features and value if offered in this price bracket, as TVS Apache RR 310 incorporates a race-inspired vertical speedo-cum-tachometer, offering riders a glance at all the essential riding data. There’s also an option for personalized widgets and ride modes, all commanded by control cubes on the handlebar which is quite tactile on the move.
Another highlight of TVS Apache RR 310 is the Race Tuned Slipper Clutch which allows for rapid downshifts while preventing rear wheel hop. The assist function tightly binds the clutch plate during acceleration, allowing for increased torque-carrying capacity with reduced clutch engagement.
The Apache RR 310 continues to shine when it comes to handling with its Ride modes; all controlled by toggle buttons that let you switch between modes. Track, Urban, Rain and Sport Mode, while both Track and Sport modes let you unleash the full potential of this 34PS power unit with minimal ABS intervention. The track mode goes a step further by clearing up all notifications, leaving only race telemetry and RPM displayed to offer the racer a more focused and immersive experience of the track.
The Rain mode primes the ABS for maximum intervention to avert wheel lockup on wet surfaces. On the other hand, for relaxed riding dynamics - the urban mode takes the charge with linear power delivery along with smooth and controlled movement as the ABS is optimized for quick response.

Your Custom Apache RR 310

Customization is not an alien concept in the automotive sphere. Enthusiasts who are well aware of their machine and want a little bit more out of it, are always upgrading and engaged in various enhancements.

With TVS Built to Order (BTO), the TVS Apache RR 310 is the first race machine that can be crafted to order right from the factory. To suit your unique needs. Perfectly complementing one of the best sports bikes under 3 lakhs, TVS Built to Order for RR 310 comes with two pre-defined customizable performance kits.

⮚ Dynamic Kit
Crafted for adaptable, everyday use, the Dynamic kit offers superior performance on every terrain with adjustable front suspension and rear mono-shock. The fully adjustable KYB suspension has 20 sets of damping and 15 mm of preload in the front forks, which can be adjusted by the racer for firmness or flexibility depending on the terrain and riding style.
The kit also includes Brass-Coated Drive Chain that delivers superior performance, so much so that you will always find an excuse to push the limits on the racetrack.

⮚ Race Kit
This kit is crafted for those who aspire to clip every apex and burn rubber on every straight. The tuck-down lower-set handlebar enables a highly aggressive stance, facilitating tighter corners and faster straight-line speed.

The Knurling or the grove on the custom foot pegs provides a superior grip and greater stability while attacking corners. Lastly, the raised footrest enables the rider to enjoy a higher lean angle and achieve faster speed in the corners.
TVS RR 310 in the Built-to-order customization also offers a customization on the front fairing of the bike. It is an identity owned by you and defined by you. With the option of getting your favorite race number on the visor, you can carve your legacy through your track weapon.

TVS Apache RR 310 – The #PureRaceCraft

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