TVS Sport BS6

TVS Vehicles | 01 Sep 2023

TVS Sport BS6 : A Legacy of Absolute Reliability

One of the most affordable commuter bikes on offer, TVS Sport has been put to the test even outside Indian soil. The commuter motorcycle has been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, and parts of Middle-east for more than a decade now.

When it was initially launched, the bike came powered with a carbureted 99 cc engine. Since then, the bike has been clocking respectable sales figures, and this consistency vocalizes the reliability the two-wheeler has on offer. The current generation comes with a new 109 cc engine tuned for optimum fuel efficiency which makes TVS Sports bike one of the highest mileage bikes in India.

What makes it so reliable?

TVS Sport BS6 has one of the longest production runs in the Indian two-wheeler segment. It all comes down to the thought behind this bike - "make a mechanically simple bike". A simple powertrain with fewer parts is easier to maintain and fixing it is easier as well.

While many OEMs strive for a closed ecosystem that doesn't let any part or modification be undertaken outside their service support network, TVS Motor is on the other side of this spectrum - we believe in "Right to Repair" and provide parts unconditionally whether it is for orders placed online or by visiting the certified dealerships.

Other core elements that make TVS Sport BS6 a dependable machine are: -

● High-Quality Components - From piston to sprocket, all the components are tested rigorously and it is made sure they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. While designing it, intense R&D and testing are done to ensure they last.

● Precision Engineering - The blueprint of the vehicle was framed at the headquarters of TVS Motor in Chennai along with full-scale R&D. Not only this, the company has R&D centres in the UK and Germany and another R&D centre in Italy in a joint venture. So, each platform in development is built in collaboration with these centres spread globally to ensure that the owner of a TVS Motor two-wheeler gets nothing but the best.

● Maintenance - Since millions of TVS Sport BS6 have been sold to date, the repair workshops and biking community are well aware of the product mechanically. Generally, bikes made by the Hosur-based manufacturer are affordable to maintain. Also, the easy availability of parts with vast service support offers a sense of confidence when it comes to the longevity of the bike.

● Low Acquisition Cost - To cater the budget segment, specifically for the hardworking population of the country. TVS Sport is designed to be a dependable all-weather companion of the rider, while also ensuring a relatively low ownership cost and making it a great value for money option.

The platform has been in the market for over 15 years, offering a reliable ownership experience and is also one of the most affordable bikes with an electric start and ET-Fi technology that puts it among the best mileage bikes in India. TVS Sport has all it takes to build a reputation and a legacy for many more years to come.

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