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To protect the customers against fraudulent practices, and to ensure that the parts Customer purchases are adequately protected with security to prevent counterfeiting.

  • Every TVS Genuine parts comes with a QR code printed on it.
  • The QR code will help the Customer to identify and confirm Genuineness of the parts he purchased
  • QR Code is known as Quick Response Code
  • This is a 2D barcode used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone


TVS Genuine Parts are designed & engineered specially for your vehicle. Our R & D has designed and constructed every part to ensure optimum performance of the vehicle

These parts are also tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability & Durability.

TVS Motor Company endeavor to ensure easy availability of Genuine parts to its customers in Domestic and International Market through our vast network of Authorized Main Dealers, Authorized Parts Stockist and Distributors

We strongly recommend the usage of TVS Genuine Parts for longer life and improved performance for your vehicle and also ensures personal safety.