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  • Advanced synthetic engine oil
  • Enable performance beyond conventional engine oils
  • Meets the specifications of " API SL " & " JASO MAC2 " convincingly
  • Ultra smooth biking experience at an unbelievable price

Power of racing with extreme thermal Stability

Protection of gears,piston pack & bearings

Performance of a clean engine through outstanding detergency

New Piston

Piston After 20000 kms Conventional oil

Piston After 20000 kms
TRU4 Synthetic oil

Choose the best protection for your vehicle
Formulation Conventional Competition Synthetic
Cost per 6000 kms 600 850 570
Helps extend engine life inr inr inr
Helps reduce wear inr *10% Lower inr *20% Lower inr
Helps combat sludge inr inr inr
Engine oil consumption *20% Lower inr *30% Lower inr
Outstanding High Temperature Protection *20% Higher inr *50% Higher inr

* Benchmark oil

More Products