Now Upgrade the Instrument Cluster on your Apache RR 310!*

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*Only for RR 31O bikes whose VINs are eligible. This may be a paid upgrade.

What's New

Intelligent Cluster Upgrade Feature

Apache RR 310 Digi Docs Cluster Hero Feature

Digi Docs: An intelligent feature to store/transfer images and documents from the TVS Connect App to Cluster. You can now store and view up to 3 documents like RC card, Driving license etc on your Apache RR310 cluster

Apache RR 310 Dynamic Limit Indicator Cluster Hero Feature

Dynamic rev limit indicator: To alert the rider depending on the engine temperature and rev limit for enhancing the safety and durability of the engine

Apache RR 310 Overspeed Indication Cluster Hero Feature

Overspeed indication: To warn the rider as per set speed limit (rider defined)

Apache RR 310 Day Trip Meter Cluster Hero Feature

Day trip meter: To track and display daily ride statistics like distance covered, time traveled, average speed, top speed, fuel consumed and a lot more