Say goodbye to waiting time while getting your TVS Vehicle serviced at our authorized dealerships.

Introducing Xpress Service “The 1 Hour Service Promise” at our select dealerships. This will help you to avail periodic maintenance service at our select dealerships within an hour.

Customer Benefits

  1. Get the vehicle serviced within an hour & avoid being without vehicle for an entire day

  2. Save both the cost & effort by avoiding unnecessary transport

  3. Get your vehicle serviced as per your convenience by taking prior appointment

  4. Avoid queues & get priority attention while availing this service

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TVS Motor Xpress Service

  • What is Xpress Service?

    Xpress Service [ES] is a new initiative in service by TVS Motor to increase customer convenience by providing the periodic maintenance services in just 1 Hour.

  • Is Xpress Service available at all the dealerships of TVS Motor?

    Presently Xpress Service is available at select dealerships and is being expanded fast to other dealerships as well. For a list of dealerships offering Xpress Service, please refer to the location finder.

  • How can I avail Xpress Service?

    You have to only take a prior appointment for service (on the phone) with the dealership where Xpress Service is offered & get your vehicle to the dealership on appointment time.

  • How is Xpress Service different from regular service?

    Xpress Service brings down the waiting time of your vehicle in the service center by giving you preference. In addition to that, a team of trained technicians with automated tools and equipment works on the vehicle to carry out the service within 01 hours time, without compromising the service quality.

  • Is there any Extra Charge for Xpress Service than regular Periodic service?

    Xpress Service comes to you at "No Extra Cost." At the same time, your vehicle is given priority attention.

  • Who can avail Xpress Service?

    Any customer having a TVS Motor 2 wheeler can avail Xpress Service for periodic maintenance services.

  • If I am not able to reach on the appointment time?

    We appreciate your reporting on time, to deliver your vehicle duly serviced as per 1 Hour promise. However, in case the delay is unavoidable, the dealership will undertake your vehicle as per the next available time slot.

  • What kind of services are covered under Xpress Service?

    All kinds of scheduled maintenance services like free services & paid services are offered under Xpress Service.

  • What kind of services are not covered under Xpress Service?

    Other repair jobs like brake repair, suspension repair, engine repair, clutch repair, etc. are not covered.

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