TVS iQube 3.4kWh Electric Scooter: Price, Range, Colour, Image & Specs
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TVS iQube 3.4kWh Electric Scooter

It's all that you need

0-40 in (4.2s)


50,000 KM

Battery Warranty

IP67 Rated

Battery safety

TVS iQube 3.4kWh Electric Scooter
TVS iQube 3.4kWh Electric Scooter

100 km Real-World Range

Go the Distance.

100 km Real-World Range/Charge In every road and for everyone What you see is what you get. Get a real-world range of 100 km every single time with every charge. Ride without worries.

32 L Underseat Storage

Carry Your World, And More.

Comfortably fit 2 helmets USB Charger Port Maximise your mobility with the massive 32 L underseat storage, perfect for securely storing your essentials while keeping them easily accessible on the go.

118+ Connected Features

Stay Connected. For Everything.

Voice Assist and Alexa Skillset for TVS iQube Turn-by-Turn Navigation Distance to Empty Remote Charge Status Explore over 118 connected tech features that enhance your ride and keep you seamlessly integrated with your world.

Endurance Tested

Reliable Safety for Peace of Mind.

IP67 Water & Dust Resistance AIS 156 Certified Crash, Fall & Anti-Theft Alert Disc Brakes Experience the confidence of superior safety features designed to offer reliable protection and peace of mind on every journey.

Q-Park Assist

Tight Spot. No Problem.

No muscles required. Simply push a button. Switch to Q-Park with a push of a button. Reverse over obstacles, inclines and bad roads. We've got your back.

Splash Of Colors

Ride in Style

  • Pearl White
  • Shining Red
  • Titanium Grey Glossy
  • Because life is full of colors. And so are you. So why should your iQube be any different? Get one in the color you desire!
TVS iQUBE Pearl White
TVS iQube Shinning Red
TVS iQUBE Titanium Grey

iQube 3.4 kWh Tech Specifications

Top Speed
78 km/h
Parking assist
Reverse / Forward
Acceleration, 0 - 40 km/h
4.2 s
10 degree
Range per charge
Economy: 100 km,  
Power: 75 km
118.6 kg
Frame Type
Tubular Structure
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Hydraulic twin tube shock absorber
Overall dimension, L x B x H
1805 x 645 x 1140 mm
Ground clearance
157 mm
Seat height
770 mm
1301 mm
Rear Brake: size & type
Ø 130  mm Drum 
Front Brake: size & type
Ø 220 mm Disc
Tyre size: Front, Rear
90/90-12 , 90/90-12
Tyre type
Traction motor
BLDC hub mounted type
Peak power
4.4 kW
Rated power
3 kW
Peak torque
140 Nm
Rated torque
33 Nm
Water and Dust Resistance
IP67 Rating
Regenerative braking
Lithium ion battery
Installed Capacity
3.4 kWh
Water and Dust Resistance
IP67 Rating
Rated Voltage
52 V
BMS controlled
Charging duration - 0 to 80% SOC
4h 30m
Plug in charger type
Offboard charger
Spike Protection
Charger Size
650 W
LED-Integrated with TSL
LED-Integrated with TSL
Number Plate lamp
Signature position lamp
Illuminating Logo
Type & size
TFT / 12.7cm display
800 x 480 pixels
1000 lux
HMI Joystick
Not Available
Day / Night Mode 
Bluetooth Connectivity
Via mobile app
GSM connectivity
Via server
Telematics, MCU, VCU, BMS
Turn by turn Navigation
Via mobile app
Incoming call alert
Side stand indication
Battery level and low battery indicator
DTE (Distance to Empty)
Park assist / Reverse assist indicator
Not Available
Via Telematics unit
Anti-theft alert
Via Telematics unit
Live indicator status
Via Telematics unit
Crash & Fall Alert
Flip key with LED light
Not Available
USB charger for mobile charger
Pleasant horn tone
Parking brake lever
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