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Comfortable ride stance

Enhance your wicked style with ease of riding.

Sporty fuel tank

Sleek fuel tank with a sporty quotient.

Split seat with premium rexin

Enjoy the all-new wicked split seat with comfort.

Body-colored engine guard

An addition to the wicked aesthetic.

Rotopetal disc brake

For top-tier safety and style.

Sporty half chain case

Complement your perfect wicked ride.

Sporty-toe gear shift

To get you in the right gear.

Wide handlebars, Al handlebar holder

A relaxed riding stance on your wicked ride.

Aluminum Pillion Handle

For supreme safety and style.

Ride modes

Choose your riding modes Eco: High mileage and optimum power. Power: Higher pickup and greater top speed.

USB charger

Power your wicked life on the go.


Your wicked ride- round the clock

Service Indicator

Your reminder for upcoming service requirements.

Low battery indicator

Low battery indicator, so you stay ahead of your needs.


Keep a track of your Raider’s performance in RPM.

Gear position and shift indication

Smooth and easy drive, everytime.


For your uninterrupted wicked ride.

AVG fuel economy

Real-time information on fuel economy.

UNBEATABLE mileage. INTELLIGENT stop-start technology.

Wider Split seat high-density seat foam

Go further comfortably, with Raider.

Easy ground reach

Lower seat height @ 780mm for easy and firm ground reach, so you are grounded as ever.

wider tyres

For better safety, no matter the terrain

Wider swing arm

Increased stability and maneuverability.

Al Pillion Handle

Safety and style intact.

Helmet attention indication

Helmet? Check!

Side stand indicator with engine cut-off

Your safety is never compromised with Raider.

Tubeless tyres

Keep moving.

172 mm Ground Clearance

Now terrain will be the last thing on your mind.

Engine guard

Added protection for chassis and engine.


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