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Born of a Racing Gene

40 years of racing heritage forms the essence of every Apache. In 2007 that racing DNA manifested itself into the TVS Apache RTR, the moniker standing for Racing Throttle Response. That badge and those 5 million machines set alight the tracks across the world. The Apache name has become a mainstay on the top step of the podium and with that legacy, comes pride.



Design Philosophy

Here's a design where flowing lines blend into sharp flared contours. Inspired by the cyborg, the new TVS Apache RTR 310 has an aggressive stance with a raked high tail and forward weight bias which add to its menacing look.

Adaptive Bi-LED Cyborg headlamp

The imposing split headlight design of the Apache RTR 310 is inspired by the cyborg. The brightest in the segment, it comes with smart control that automatically adjusts throw and brightness based on the speed and the ambient light conditions to provide the best visibility.

Dynamic Twin Tail Lamp

The twin strip tail lamps of the Apache RTR 310 have a free-flowing design that can't be missed. The dynamic tail lamps adapt to the intensity of braking, flashing red during rapid deceleration to warn those behind.

8-spoke dual-coloured alloys

Dual coloured for a double take. The all-new alloys of the Apache RTR 310 are styled to get a reaction, mirroring the dual colour scheme of the freestyle machine.



Race Tuned Dynamic Stability Control

The first-in-class technology optimises braking even while cornering via an advanced system that uses a 6D inertial measurement unit. It adjusts braking and power input to assist riders during critical lowsiding situations and counters righting up when braking in bends.

Unique Reverse Inclined DOHC Engine

The Apache RTR 310 has a 312.2 cc engine with a compact engine layout for mass centralization. The forged aluminium pistons are 5% lighter for the best-in-class Power to-Weight ratio, and the engine is tuned to deliver higher peak torque across the powerband.

Engine Coolant Jacket Optimization

The cylinder head on the Apache RTR 310 is designed to have best-in-class heat management by reducing the engine temperature. This again allows for better performance and higher revving.

6-Speed Gearbox with Bidirectional Quickshifter

Precision shifts and quick launches come easy with the bottom mounted shift-lever and gears with negative back rack angle machined in all the gears lug to lug. Performance is taken up a notch by the quickshifter that saves milliseconds with every gearshift.


A flick of the wrist now delivers precise performance like never before. The state-of-the-art system in The Apache RTR 310 comprises of an intelligent throttle body with a turbulence system along with a sharper throttle grip with reverse blip for instant power.

Race Tuned Linear Stability Control - Cruise Control

Make those long distances seem shorter on the Apache RTR 310. Engage Cruise Control and maintain that set speed without any throttle or clutch input.

Race Tuned Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch on the Apache RTR 310 allows for rapid downshifts that prevent rear wheel hopping. Brake later and corner more precisely. The assist function provides enhanced torque-carrying capacity with reduced clutch operating force.

Liquid-Cooled Oil-Coolant Technology

Apache RTR 310 has 23 rows of tubes for optimized cooling efficiency to keep the high revving engine at the optimum temperature to derive maximum performance.

GTT-Glide Through Technology

This first-in-segment feature in the Apache RTR 310 allows the motorcycle to start moving with the slow release of the clutch and no throttle operation. All this happens without the need to synchronise the throttle and clutch lever or worrying about the engine stalling.

Dynamics of


The Freestyler Frame

The Hyper Spec trellis frame with a light aluminium sub-frame is the spine of the freestyler. It provides the Apache RTR 310 with excellent dynamic response at higher speeds and ease of manoeuvrability.

Freestyle Ergonomics

The rider triangle is optimized in the Apache RTR 310 for better load distribution on the shoulder. This ensures excellent steering control and good lower back comfort so that you can keep freestyling all day long.

Responsive KYB Suspension

Honed and tuned by the experts from KYB, the Monoshock with monotube floating piston technology provides precise damping and smooth dynamic response to achieve best-in-class lateral acceleration and cornering speeds.

Supermoto Mode

Adding flair to the freestyler, the all-new Supermoto mode in the Apache RTR 310 disengages the rear ABS while maximising the power output. It’s the perfect recipe to keep you drifting with style.

Superior Michelin Road 5 Tyres

The Apache RTR 310 is equipped with Michelin Road 5 tyres. Engineered with next-gen compounds and featuring Michelin's patented ACT+ technology, these tyres provide superior grip for cornering and offer a premium ride feel.

Sporty Steel Tapered Handlebars

Designed with performance-focused ergonomics in mind, the tapered handlebars give the rider precise control and feedback.

Race-tuned Linear Stability Control - Linear Traction Control

This first-in-class technology in the Apache RTR 310 controls torque to ensure optimal transfer of driving force to the road. It prevents the rear wheel from spinning during acceleration in slippery conditions and surfaces.

Adjustable Hand Levers

Set how you want to freestyle. The adjustable levers offer 4 levels of adjustment for increased accessibility for diverse riding styles.


of Freestyler

Multi-Information Race Computer

Meet the advanced digital face of the freestyler. The horizontal 5" TFT race computer is the control hub that enables you to change and tune settings like the traction control, cruise control, headlamp brightness and even music for your Bluetooth device.

Ride Modes

The Apache RTR 310 is equipped with 5 ride modes to help the freestyler adapt and deliver remarkable performance in any condition.

Urban mode

Tame the streets with the freestyler. The power delivery is tuned to provide quick bursts of acceleration. The dual-channel ABS is primed for a quick response with a mild pulsation feel.

Rain mode

Let rain never interfere with play. The engine in Rain Mode limits the speed to 120km/h but provides linear acceleration for plenty of grunt. The ABS comes into its own in this mode with strong lever pulsation and rear lift protection to prevent aquaplaning.

Sport mode

In Sport mode, the engine is calibrated to deliver maximum acceleration across all operating conditions while the race-mapped fuel injection provides consistent delivery of power. The engine also enables smooth deceleration for optimized engine braking.

Track mode

Access the complete power of the 312.2 cc powerplant in Sport mode. The ride by wire throttle provides instant delivery power on the straights. With minimal ABS interference, the freestyler can truly test the limits of performance.

Supermoto mode

Flair to the freestyler, the all-new Supermoto mode in Apache RTR 310 disengages the rear ABS while maximising the power. It's the perfect recipe to keep you drifting with style.

TVS SmartXonnect

The SmartXonnect app links your smartphone to the Apache RTR 310. The cutting-edge Bluetooth connected app offers a range of telemetry and data. The app displays a detailed post-ride/race analysis which includes distance covered, gear shifting points, ride pattern analysis, and much more.

Voice Assist

This function provides handsfree control over a variety of features in the Apache RTR 310, allowing the rider to control cluster functions, and base vehicle controls.


Get precise navigation with What3words. Now find, share and navigate to precise locations using precise grids with just three words.

Race Telemetry

During the course of the race, the Smartxonnect app records a number of race parameters, and the racer can easily scroll through the telemetry and pick out specific data. The app also summarises essential data at the end of every track session.


Accept or reject calls on the go with the control cubes, set DND for incoming calls, SMS notification and auto-reply SMS.

Digi Docs

This is an intelligent feature on the Apache RTR 310 to store and transfer images as well as documents from the TVS Connect App to Cluster. You can now store and view up to 3 documents like RC card, Driving licence etc. on your cluster.

Crash alert

This unique safety feature is triggered when the machine senses a fall. The system enters Crash Alert mode and notifies the rider's emergency contacts with the crash location within 180 seconds.

Music Playback

Cycle through your favourite freestyle playlist using the toggle switches with the track name being displayed on the TFT screen.

GoPro Control

Record your freestyle ride experience on the Apache RTR 310 with ease. Pair your GoPro with the freestyler and control the camera from the toggle switches.

Smart Helmet Connectivity

Pair your smart helmet to the Apache RTR 310 and always stay connected with your fellow freestylers.

built to

Built to Order

The Apache RTR 310 is available in a Built-To-Order format. Choose the freestyler kit that suits your style so that your performance machine can freestyle in your signature style.

When agility is the name of the game, this kit has all that you need to make your freestyler nimble.

Tvs Apache RTR 310 Suspension
Fully Adjustable Front and Rear Suspension

Fully adjustable front suspension with preload, compression and rebound damping. Fully adjustable rear suspension with preload and rebound damping.

Tvs Apache RTR 310 Tyre
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

The sensor constantly monitors the front and rear tyre pressure and displays it on the cluster. If the tyre pressure is above or beyond the recommended limit, it gives out a warning to the rider.

Chain Apache RTR 310
Brass Coated Chain

Styled to stand out, make heads turn with the unique brass coated chain on the Apache RTR 310. The rustproof design also aids in performance.

If you are looking to push the limits of freestyle, this kit has what it takes to dial up the handling characteristics of the Apache RTR 310.

Apache RTR 310 Stability Control
Race Tuned Dynamic Stability Control

The first-in-class technology optimises braking even while cornering via an advanced system that uses a 6D inertial measurement unit. It adjusts braking and power input to assist riders during critical lowsiding situations and counters righting up when braking in bends.

Apache RTR 310 Launch Control
Cornering ABS

The ABS system kicks in and allows you to brake confidently even when you are leaned into the corner.

Apache RTR 310 Traction Control
Cornering Traction Control

While throttling out of a corner, the system regulates the torque from the engine to prevent wheel spin.

Apache RTR 310 Wheel Control
Wheelie Control

Keep the front wheel firmly on the track. The Wheelie Control on the Apache RTR 310 calculates the torque request depending on pitch rate, pitch angle, and wheel acceleration to prevent wheel lift.

Apache RTR 310 Slope Control
Slope Dependent Control

The system estimates the slope angle and consideration of the axle weight change to enable a proper brake force distribution for two-wheelers.

Apache RTR 310 Rear Control
Rear Wheel Lift-off Protection

During intense braking, the system keeps the rear wheel on the ground and significantly reduces the risk of a rollover

Apache RTR 310 Cruise Control
Cornering Cruise Control

When cornering, speed is automatically reduced by the system to ensure a comfortable lean angle, and the most stable possible ride. After exiting the corner the speed climbs back up to the initial speed set by the cruise control.

Apache RTR 310 Seat Control
Climatic Control Seat

With three levels of heating and cooling options, the first-in-class temperature controlling seat ensures ultimate comfort.

Apache RTR 310 Sepang Control
Sepang Blue

Let the style of your machine reflect 40 years of TVS Racing heritage. The unique race-inspired decals paired with the iconic blue, white and red will make your Apache RTR 310 stand out.

shades of

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engine & Performance
Type Single Cylinder,4 Stroke, Fuel Injected, Liquid Cooled, Spark Ignited Engine
Engine capacity 312.12 cc
Maximum power Sport, Track and SuperMoto mode- 35.6 PS @@ 9700 rpm
Urban and Rain mode - 27.1 PS @@ 7500 rpm
Maximum torque Sport, Track and SuperMoto mode- 28.7 Nm @@6650 rpm
Urban and Rain mode - 27.3 Nm @@6600 rpm
Bore 80 mm
Stroke 62.1 mm
Fuel injection Closed loop EFI System
Throttle control Electronic throttle control (ETC)
Bore to stroke ratio 1.29
Starting Electric start
Idle speed 1600 ± 200rpm
Ignition Dynamically controlled - high energy integrated ignition system
Power to weight Ratio 0.15 kW/kg
Compression ratio 12.17 ± 0.35:1
Air filter Dry Paper Type
Cooling system Liquid Cooled
Muffler Single pipe and single body design
Clutch Wet multi plate - 7 plate design, RT slipper clutch
Gear box 6 speed
Max speed 150 km/h
Acceleration 0-2sec (Speed in Km/h) 45.6Km/h
0-60km/h (time in sec) 2.81 s
0-100km/h (time in sec) 7.19 s
chassis, suspension & electrical
Frame Hybrid with Trellis and cast frames, split chassis
Front Suspension USD fork 41 mm diameter
Rear Suspension Solid Die cast Aluminium swing arm directly hinged monoshox, pre-load adjustable
Battery 12V, 8AH MF Lead Acid
Headlamp 12V, LED Head Lamp
Tail Lamp LED 4W
Instrument cluster 5 inch TFT
wheel, tyre & brake
Rim Size (Front) MT 3.0x17
Rim Size (Rear) MT 4.0x17
Tyre Size (Front) 110/70-R17 Tubeless
Tyre Size (Rear) 150/60-R17
Front 300mm Disc
Rear 240mm Disc
ABS Dual Channel
Brake Fluid DOT 4
dimensions, weight & fuel tank capacity
Height 1154 ± 10 mm
Length 1991 ± 20 mm
Width 831 ± 5 mm
Wheelbase 1358 ± 12 mm
Ground Clearance 180 ± 5 mm (Unladen)
Saddle Height 800 ± 10 mm
Kerb Weight 169 kg
Max payload 130 kg
Full 11 ± 0.5 L


& merchandise
TVS Apache Accessories
Kit out your Freestyler

From touring to performance accessories, add on what suits your style.

Shop Accessories
TVS Apache Merchandise
Flaunt your Freestyle vibe

Gear up with the latest Freestyler collection.

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soak up

TVS Apache RTR 310 Biker Ride
Apache Owner's Group

Every Apachean can register and be a part of the Apache Owner's Group, a motorcycling community consisting of over 3,00,000 members. With chapters across the globe, the group embarks on motorcycling adventures of all kinds.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Bike Stunt
Apache Pro Performance

Wheelies pop and jaws drop. The Apache Pro Performance is a series of stunt shows like no other. Featuring the best precision riders in the country who put on thrilling performances that get your adrenaline pumping.

Apache RTR 310 #Firewithin

Participate in the Ultimate Racing Championship. Spread across 20 cities, participants will be mentored by the best from TVS Racing. 60 of the top racers will participate in the national finals to be crowed the Ultimate champion.

TVS Apache Training School

It provides a platform to racing enthusiasts to learn the skills and techniques of racing from the national champions of TVS Racing. They train with race spec motorcycles to receive various levels of professional certification.

TVS Apache Racing
TVS Racing

With a rich legacy of over 40 years, every Apache can trace its heritage to TVS Racing. With national and international wins across Road Racing, Supercross, Motocross and Rally. This is the dominant force in racing.

TVS Apache RTR 310 Kidzania
TVS Racing + KidZania

The love of racing knows no age. TVS Racing has partnered with KidZania to create a dedicated zone for youngsters, where they can experience racing on a simulator, mini-moto racing, designing and even assembling a bike.

TVS Motosoul

Celebrate the bond between man and machine. MotoSoul is a motorcycling event like no other. Where performance enthusiast gather for two days of high-octane events, tech talks and epic gigs.

TVS RR 310 Asphalt
Asphalt 8 + TVS Apache RR 310

The TVS Apache RR 310 is the first Indian motorcycle to feature in Asphalt 8. Tear up the virtual race tracks with the Ultimate Track Weapon.

Apache RTR 310



₹ 2 42 990* Onwards
Apache RTR 310 Arsenal Black
without QuickShifter
₹ 2 57 990* Onwards
Apache RTR 310 Arsenal Black
₹ 2 63 990* Onwards
Apache RTR 310 Fury Yellow
*Ex Showroom price exclusive of mandatory and other accessories. Refer to the below link for on road price in your city: Check Price
The ARAI claimed mileage of TVS Apache RTR 310 is 30 km/l for Urban/Rain Mode and 28 km/l for Sport/Track/SuperMoto Mode. However, it can vary from rider to rider depending on the riding conditions, the ride mode, and the riding style.
TVS Apache RTR 310 price starts at ₹ 2,42,990* ex-showroom (Delhi) for the base variant (Arsenal Black) without quickshifter. The BTO variant starts at ₹ 2,75,990* ex-showroom.
The BTO (Built-To-Order) bike can be configured online where you have 3 customization options - Dynamic Kit, Dynamic Pro Kit and a Colour Kit.
Features Specification
Engine DOHC, Reverse inclined, Single Cylinder, 312.12 cc engine. 35.6 PS @ 9700 rpm / 28.7 Nm @6650 rpm of peak power
Transmission 6-Speed with Race Tuned Slipper clutch and Bidirecitonal Qiuickshifter
Seat Type Ventilated Seats (Heating & Cooling)
Performance Figures Max Speed - 150 km/h , 0-60km/h in 2.8 seconds, 0-100kn/h in 7.1 seconds, Power to weight Ratio - 0.15 kW/kg
Headlamps Automatically Adjutable Twin LED Headlamps
Suspension (Front) - USD Forks 41mm, (Rear)- Monoschok with Pre-load adjustability (KYB suspension)
Brakes Front - 300mm Disc Rear - 240mm Disc (Dual-Channel ABS)
Dimensions Wheelbase - 158mm Saddle Height - 800mm Ground Clerance -180mm (unladen)
Weight and Fuel Capacity Kerb weight - 169kg Max Payload - 130kg Fuel Capacity - 11 Litres
The kerb weight of TVS Apache RTR 310 is 169 kg.
Apache RTR 310 comes with a Hyper Spec trellis frame with a light aluminium sub-frame. The freestyler also gets KYB suspension honed and tuned by experts - 41 mm USD forks at the front and pre-load adjustable monoshock at the rear.
TVS Apache RTR 310 has a 6-speed gearbox with bi-directional quickshifter that is tuned to deliver that punch of power right from the bottom till the top of the torque band.
Apache RTR 310 engine produces a maximum power of 35.6 PS at 9,700 rpm and an impressive maximum torque of 28.7 Nm at 6,650 rpm. In line with every Apache, this too is built on the Track To Road philosophy, and the engine is tuned to deliver the instant adrenaline rush and thrill that freestylers crave for.
Yes, the Apache RTR 310 comes with SmartXonnect which provides key insights in the form of ride telemetry for every ride. The connected riding experience is taken to the next level with exciting new additions like GoPro control, Music Playback, Navigation Assist with What3Words, Voice assist and a lot more.
You can book the Apache RTR 310 for an amount of ₹ 5000 which can be paid online via Credit and Debit Cards, UPI, and other online payment options.
You can book the TVS Apache RTR 310 both online and offline at any of the Premium Dealerships. Experience the freestyler online in 3D/AR on the official website and book a test ride. Alternatively, visit your nearest TVS showroom where you can see the Apache RTR 310 in-person, book a test ride, experience it and book it as well.
The all-new Apache RTR 310 is available for booking online as well as at your nearest TVS Premium showroom from the date of the launch i.e. 6th September, 2023.
Your ride, your lifestyle of play. Customize your Apache RTR 310 and enhance your riding experience with a wide range of styling, safety, utility and touring accessories from TVS Motor. Please login to the TVS ARIVE App or web configurator to view all options of building your accessorised Apache RTR310.
TVS Apache RTR 310 can reach a top speed of 150 km/h. With a kerb weight of just 169 kg and a unique reverse inclined DOHC engine that delivers 35.6 PS of peak power, the bike can do a 0-60 km/h sprint in 2.81 seconds and 0-100 km/h in just 7.1 seconds.
Apache RTR 310 has a Unique Reverse Incline DOHC engine with a compact engine layout for mass centralization, forged aluminium pistons which are 5% lighter, and the best-in-class Power to Weight ratio. The engine head is designed for the best-in-class heat management. Access the power to play with high-revving performance and higher torque across the powerband.