Apache Owner Group, is a community of passionate and like-minded riders of the TVS Apache, sharing a common platform to explore and spread their love for motorcycling.

A community knitted by Apache owners from all over India and other nations, the Apache Owners Group riders unite to ride together into explorations and adventures while creating bonds for a lifetime. This is the AOG Brotherhood.

Ride Categories

Breakfast Ride

A short but thrilling escape from the humdrums of the city to open roads with a gang that’s rich with experience, expertise and adventures. Whet your riding skills on the way, swap stories and enjoy a jamming session or two over breakfast.

Overnight Ride

A rove under the stars where riders at the beginning of the trip become your comrades as you return. Engage in riveting sessions with expert riders, talking from the bolts of the machine to bolting down the racetrack. Enjoy adventure activities, live music and share your chase of peak performance over bonfires and evening cocktails.

Chapter Ride

A weekend filled with experiences from high-speed action to slow unwinding of body and soul. Apache riders from various cities within that zone come together to ride to picturesque landscapes while pushing their limits of performance. Through this adrenaline-pumped ride you’re guaranteed to bond with a motley crew of motorheads that share your devotion for riding.

Marquee Ride

Embark on spine-tingling journeys that put your grit and skill to the ultimate test. Where the bonds between man and machine solidify as together you set off to conquer never-before ventured terrains. Share this grueling but glorious ride with equally passionate riders as you leave the busy world behind. Rest assured, you’ll be creating an unforgettable memory at every milestone.

Join the AOG Community

Join the AOG Community

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