Diet And Fitness Tips For Riders

Tips & tricks | 09 Jun 2020

Diet And Fitness Tips For Riders

As we continue to fight the global COVID-19 crisis by staying indoors, avid motorcyclists are trying their best to avoid the call of the open road. These stationary and confined times can also alter a person’s eating and lifestyle habits, which can adversely affect his/her level of fitness, which in turn has an effect on how efficiently one rides a motorcycle. On the bright side, this downtime can easily be utilised to achieve a healthier state, both mentally and physically, so one can get back in the saddle with confidence, once the world is back to business as usual. Such a mental and physical state is based on the premise of two basics – healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle. Let’s focus on the former first. However, before you follow these tips, it is important that you get to know your body type, find out if you are allergic to any food, or consult a dietician for the best advice.

Tips To Make Your Diet Healthier

  • Include salads in your meals and avoid or limit eating food which is laced with fat or is greasy
  • If you crave for something sweet, indulge in fruits or freshly-squeezed juices instead of digging in something made out of refined sugar
  • Eat your meals on time. Eat small portions at regular intervals and stop just before you feel full. Chew your food well to break it down for your digestive system to process it properly. Try to eat your dinner as your last meal before 8 p.m. and make your breakfast your biggest meal of the day
  • If possible, reduce your intake of tea and coffee. Instead, try to start your day with something healthier like green tea or fresh juices
  • Most importantly, stay hydrated

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Quick Workouts:

Fitness Tips

  • If you are working from home, avoid sitting at one place in a constant position for too long. Take a break every hour and walk around the house for a couple of minutes. Sit straight and maintain good posture
  • Use verified online sources or books to know about exercises which can be performed at home, without any additional equipment
  • When you begin exercising, know the right way to do it. If done in an incorrect manner, it can lead to discomfort and even injury
  • Do not overdo things at the very beginning and start gradually. Allow your body to adapt to these activities
  • For your mind and also for your body, try practicing meditation and yoga
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