Technology Talks | 31 Mar 2022

Connected Technologies at TVS Motor Company

Why Connected Vehicles

In the age of connected life from mobile phones and OTT platforms, customer expectations from mobility are no different. Customers no longer want to use their vehicles for only commuting from point A to point B. They expect it to be connected, be able to provide vital information to them on the fly and function as an expression of their individuality. 

We have seen a lot of people on the road using their smartphones while driving, endangering themselves and their fellow commuters. Hence, the need of the hour for any automotive manufacturer is to ensure the safety of its customers, and telematics & connected vehicle technology provide just that.

How does telematics work? 

Telematics is a disruptive automotive technology that utilises IT and communication protocols to send, receive and store information about remote vehicles. The data is transmitted over a wireless network through secure means, and an in-vehicle electronic device or smartphone is employed for establishing remote connectivity.

The telematics device gathers information from inside the vehicle and transfers it back to the IoT cloud through appropriate communication protocols. This data is then processed, analysed, and decisions are made to improve vehicle performance, customer recommendations etc. 

 Connected Vehicle Ecosystem 


TVS Motor and connectivity

Creating customer delight through technological innovations has always been of paramount importance at TVS Motor, and we believe that as the automotive industry embraces digitalisation, vehicle telematics can be at the forefront of redefining customer experience journeys, literally! We launched TVS NTORQ 125, India’s first connected scooter, with TVS SmartXonnect in 2018 and have several connected vehicles today, including our offering TVS iQube Electric.

Our products focus on safety and convenience by providing vital information to customers without distracting them while riding. Some of the features provided by our vehicles are safety alerts like geo-fence alerts, crash alerts and theft/tow alerts, navigation & tracking, remote live charging status, nearby charging stations and ride statistics.

For more details on available features, visit;

Ride scoring is another area with great scope, as AI understands rider style and behaviour, which can be leveraged for personalised driving tips and best practices to ensure customers have enhanced riding experience, vehicle range and longevity.

How does this help the automotive OEM?

The telematics data from vehicles open a wide array of possibilities from providing timely assistance to customers, tailored service recommendations and improved product quality and time to market for new products.

Cloud & visualization at TVS Motor

We ingest large volumes of vehicle and companion mobile app data in our cloud databases at high-speed and transform this information through specialised data models and time-series databases. We leverage open-source visualisation platforms and custom algorithms that allow us to analyse time-series and point data from vehicles. We are rapidly scaling the connected data platform as customer appetite to learn more about their vehicles and rides and personalise their experience is quickly increasing globally.

Open-source visualisation


As the world of Connected Vehicle technology grows with newer innovations, TVS Motor Company is improving the overall customer experience, safety, and product quality by leveraging telematics data, cloud infrastructure, open-source tools, and custom algorithms that forge our strengths in vehicle technology with digital/AI capabilities.


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