Hosur , 28 Aug 2010

Dr. C K Ramachandar Award for TVS Motor Company

TVS Motor Company has won the prestigious Dr. C K Ramchandar Award for Best Medical Centre for the year 2009-10. The annual award, given by Indian Association of Occupational Health, Tamilnadu Chapter, was set up in memory of Dr. C K Ramachandar, the doyen of Occupational health services in Tamilnadu. The late Dr. C K Ramachandar was instrumental in the founding the Tamilnadu Chapter of Indian Association of Occupational. For almost twelve years beginning 1955, he took it upon himself to propagate the concept, ideals and methodology of the organization of occupational health services.

On receiving the award, Dr. Rajan Babu, Chief Medical Officer, TVS Motor Company said, "This award is the result of our continuous endeavor to use innovation to drive health and safety management leveraging the availability of modern technology."

He added that the company has also developed a software program that enables us to view the entire medical history of an employee right from his first interaction with our company. It facilitates better diagnosis and treatment.

Another key initiative that won the company the Dr. C K Ramchander Award is the implementation of a specific program to negate the ominous risk of noise induced hearing loss. The program included installation of more efficient and environment friendly machines, providing employees with specially designed noise reduction ear plugs and conducting an inclusive education program on hearing loss for employees. The calculated improvement in productivity on implementation of these measures is as much as 20% per employee.

"The key to success in pushing health and safety awareness is to cultivate a strong safety mindset at all levels. To this end, we have integrated a section on healthcare on our company's intranet site and provide periodic posts on best practices" Dr. Rajan Babu said.

Other routine activities that the occupational health center at TVS Motor Company conducts include monthly diabetic, hypertension and cholesterol clinics, statutory periodical health checkups and general health checkups for all employees along with a regular out-patient facility.