Hosur , 02 Apr 2007

New Electric Scooter from TVS aimed to Empower Young Ladies

In an effort to bring out the best in young ladies and empower them with independence and self-sufficiency, TVS Motor Company today announced the launch of its first electric scooter, Scooty Teenz Electric in Karnataka. The company thereby offers these teenagers an opportunity to be self-reliant and look at life from a whole new perspective. A first of its kind product innovation from TVS Motor Company and the result of committed and consistent innovation of the TVS Scooty brand, this new electric scooter promises to be a clear winner in its class.

The Scooty Teenz Electric has been especially designed keeping the needs of the young girl in mind. Not only does it have sleek and trendy design with unique graphics to charm her but also it promises great riding experience because it is eco friendly, safe and easy, and extremely comfortable. Its ease of use and effortless maneuverability makes it an ideal choice for young women who need mobility and whose daily travel is limited to around 15-25 km per day.

It has an edge over existing models as it is fitted with the maximum power pack in its category and also loaded with features especially incorporated to make riding simpler for girls. So you have the range selector and the charge indicator. The low charge indictor warns the user about the low charge left and the immediate need for charging. Scooty TeenZ Electric has more to offer - it comes in three vibrant colours to choose from - red, black, lilac and has puncture resistant tyres, more storage space and a mobile charger.

Stylish and durable, the Scooty Teenz Electric generates an average range of 40 km, per nine hours of charge. This can increase by fifty percent if the rider opts for lower speeds by using a unique feature of this electric bike, the range selector. The range selector allows the rider to select a preferred range, either high or low.

The Scooty Teenz Electric has been carefully engineered to high standards of quality. It is an ideal balance of style, solid performance and exceptional value with 800 watts of power driving this electric scooter to a maximum speed of 40 kmph. Added advantages include low running costs, no pollution, no noise and high durability.

This refined and perfected product therefore offers a combination of supreme performance with adequate range. As a vehicle that uses alternate fuel, the Scooty Teenz Electric ensures reduced operating costs and guarantees durability and sustained performance.

TVS Motor Company will leverage its extensive dealer network to provide high quality service backup at all dealerships. The company has conducted extensive training programs specific to maintenance of electric scooters for its service engineers and technicians across all authorized service outlets.

Additionally, as this vehicle falls under the L1 category therefore, as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), one can get a learners license for this bike at sixteen years of age as against eighteen for motorcycles.