Hosur , 04 Apr 2005

3,300 km report - When it comes to city riding, the TVS Fiero F2 is the most sought after among the bikes in our long term fleet.

Source - Autocar India Feb 2004.
WHAT'S THAT THEY say about the people down south being more efficient that in other regions of the country? Living with the TVS Fiero F2 for the better half of last year has made us believers in this phrase. Sure, we know that the previous Fiero was not the most desirable of motorcycles, but the upgrade is a yummier form of Udipi dosa. No haute flavours here, just sensible, fuss-free riding.

The F2 is happiest in the city, and makes a strong case for itself in stop-start traffic. The single-cylinder, four-stroke 147.5cc engine is probably the best bit of the bike. It thrums to life without fuss and ticks sweetly through the grind of the city. Mated to a light clutch and slick-shifting gearbox, this engine is near-perfect for urban commuting.

The Fiero F2 adds to its urban appeal in being a nimble machine, easy to poke through gaps between buses, and leaves you unflustered even after a trans-Mumbai ride.

Take it out of the city, however, and the bike rapidly feels out of its depth. It feels out of breath on the highway-attribute this to its skinny rear tyre and the lack of a fifth cog in the gearbox. This bike is not for those whose goal is inter-city travel on a winding highway. The aforementioned skinny tyre, though, helps mileage stay impressive-in daily rides through the city, the new TVS Fiero has never given less than 43.4kpl.

Reliability has never been an issue, the F2 giving us trouble-free service to date. The only time it needed attention other than a scheduled service and tyres that lose pressure regularly was when a kiss in monsoon city-traffic damaged the headlight. One flaw in the ownership stakes is the lack of adequate TVS dealerships and service backup in Mumbai, which could be a major factor keeping buyers from choosing the F2 over its rivals. Other than that, it's all about breezing your way through the city, with no stops, save for a quick idli or two.