To increase Customer Mobility, TVS Motor Company is introducing ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE (RSA) Program in India. We have tied up with TVS Auto Assist (India) Limited, to ensure that you get quick and hassle-free service in the event of any unexpected breakdown of your vehicle.

In the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown/traffic accident of your vehicle, all you have to do is call our Toll free number 1800 258 7111 to avail this Roadside Assistance Service- 24X7, 365 days.

Indicative Reach Time*

Breakdown distance (One way) Reach Time*
0-25 Kms Upto 45 mins
above 25 kms Upto 60 mins+

This service will be provided to all TVS Motor 2 Wheelers either free of cost or at a reasonable cost to customers, depending on date of sale of vehicle & models covered.

  • Free of Cost (FOC) :
    All Motorcycles & Scooters sold before or after the date of launch of the program in the town shall be covered for first two years from the date of sale.
  • Chargeable Basis :
    For Moped & Vehicles out of primary warranty, customers can avail the facility by paying a service charge at the time of availing the service. No separate membership fee required.

Services under RSA

TVS AA will assign one authorized technician (Executive) who will be in touch with the customer to provide the following support :

  • Onsite Repair - Support regarding Minor Mechanical/ Electrical will be provided to get the vehicle road-worthy*
  • Flat Tyre Support - In case of a puncture or tyre burst, the assigned executive shall support the Customer in getting it repaired from the nearest Tyre Repair Shop.
  • Fuel Delivery - In the event of the vehicle running out of fuel while traveling, the assigned executive will provide support by arranging up to 2 liters of fuel. The supply of fuel will be based on availability and fuel charges shall have to be borne by Customer.
  • Key Loss Support - Customers can also avail the pick-up of replacement key from the house of customer in case the key is lost.
  • Assistance in Case of Accident - In the undesired event of an accident, the customer will be provided information related to medical facilities available nearby. The vehicle will be towed to the nearest workshop on completion of legal formalities if any.
  • Towing Assistance - In the unlikely event where the vehicle could not be made roadworthy on the site, customers can still avail the service of towing the vehicle to the nearest TVSM Authorized Dealership.


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What is Road Side Assistance (RSA)?

Roadside Assistance is a service to assist you during any unexpected Mechanical/ Electrical breakdown of your vehicle that leaves you stranded.

It covers Onsite Assistance, Tyre puncture support, Fuel Delivery, Key loss support, Assistance in case of Accident, Towing Assistance.

What is a breakdown?

If a vehicle is immobile unexpectedly during journey due to any of the following reasons like a flat tyre, empty fuel tank, key loss, mechanical or electrical faults, mishaps, it is considered to be broken down. Apart from this, only if Headlamp does not function during travel at night, the vehicle is deemed to be immobile.

Under what conditions will a vehicle be considered immobile?

A vehicle is considered immobile if, during a journey, it is not possible to

  • Start the vehicle, or
  • Move/drive the vehicle for reasons like part jamming/ vehicle stuck or
  • Drive as it may compromise the safety of the rider seriously like headlights not working at night or petrol leaking enough to catch fire.

Is my TVS vehicle covered?

All TVS Motor’s Motorcycles & Scooters are covered in this program.

Who delivers the Road Side Assistance?

Authorized Service Providers (ASP) appointed by TVS Auto Assist, TVS Motor Company’s partner in providing Roadside Assistance program will be delivering the service.

If have never faced any vehicle breakdown. How is this service beneficial to me?

It is because you haven’t faced any breakdown, you may not be able to imagine the anxiety and trauma of helplessness and exploitation that usually happens in the rare case of breakdowns.

Imagine that you are on an emergency travel or visiting your friends or family and an unexpected breakdown occurs. If you were sure that support would reach you with a single phone call? Wouldn’t you be able to drive with more peace of mind?

Do I need to enroll separately to get a membership for this program? What is the membership fees?

No Enrollment/ Membership is required to avail services under Roadside Assistance program. All motorcycles and scooters under Primary Warranty are eligible to avail the services for Free*. Post warranty period motorcycles and scooters can avail the services paying nominal charges if any.

Whom should I contact in case of my vehicles breakdown?

All you have to do is just dial 1800 419 2077. Services are available 24x7, 365 days.

I bought a second hand TVS vehicle, can I avail the service?

Yes. Roadside Assistance is valid even in case of transfer of vehicle ownership.

Do I need to pay for parts, labour?

No, you don’t need to pay for labour & other conveyance charges within 25 KMs from nearest Authorized Service Provider (ASP). But, you need to pay for the parts replaced and consumables like petrol, if any.

What happens if the breakdown cannot be resolved on-site?

If the breakdown issue cannot be resolved on-site, the ASP attending you will coordinate to tow the vehicle to the nearest TVS Motor Company’s Authorized Workshop.

But, how will I continue my travel if my vehicle is towed?

The taxi will be coordinated to continue your travel free of cost for the first 25 KMs.

What should I do in case of medical emergency?

Our team will help you by providing information about the medical support available in that area.

Terms & Conditions

  • Services shall be applicable only when the vehicle has gone immobile
  • Events not covered under the program:
    • Non-functional horn
    • Faulty gauges and meters
    • Vehicle headlights not functional during day time. (Night Time, this feature is covered)
    • Illumination warning lamps of any non-safety related lights/service warnings lights which do not render the vehicle immobilized.

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