Experience race machine in Augmented Reality

The TVS ARIVE is a revolutionary, industry-first, immersive way to experience our race machines on the go, no matter where you are. Using the power of augmented reality, the TVS ARIVE app enables you to view your preferred bike in all its glory. Once you’ve explored your preferred machine in detail, simply share your details, place a test ride request or book the vehicle on the app

Arive Arive

Download the TVS ARIVE app on your device

Three exploring modes. Infinite possibilities.

TVS ARIVE enables you to view your race machine in preferred colour, variant and model of your choice. Three distinct exploring modes give you the choice of viewing your machine at convenience.


Place to explore

This mode uses your phone's rear camera to place an Augmented Reality model of the motorcycle in your environment. The app provides a 360 degree view of the machine that you can walk around and examine to the most minute detail. With a zoom function and audio-visual explainers on the machine’s key features, the app enables you to truly get to know your machine


3D Mode

This mode displays a highly detailed 3D model of the motorcycle on your smartphone’s display, without using the rear camera. Zoom into your preferred machine and explore every detail with the 360 degree view functionality.


Scan a real bike

The app can be used to enhance your experience viewing a real TVS Apache. Scan any TVS Apache with the app, to get real-time insights into the features and key highlights of the machine at a glance.


Revolutionising the customer experience.

TVS ARIVE is packed with industry-first features that enrich the process of viewing and purchasing your dream machine.



TVS ARIVE has been designed to provide an informative viewing experience like no other. The hotspot feature highlights different parts of the machine that can be explored in detail.. This includes detailed specifications of internal components and the overall vehicle dimensions.



The hotspot feature explains key features of the machine with immersive audio-visual guides.


360 Degree Experience

Be it in AR or 3D mode, view your race machine in all its glory with a 360-degree viewing experience.


Colour Selection

Discover the race machine that perfectly complements your aesthetic sensibilities. The colour selection feature allows you to see every colour of your preferred machine.


Bookings and Enquiries

Book a test ride with your nearest dealership, or directly order your race machine and gear up while our dealership organises delivery. The app can also be used to pose any queries you might have about the machine or the purchase process.

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Currently supports TVS Apache RTR Series and RR310 Arive Arive