TVS XL100 ପ୍ରଶଂସାପତ୍ର

Prakash Pandey

Varanasi, UP

The ride is very comfortable even on bad roads. I don’t get tired at all. Also, I feel safe. XL100 has excellent pickup an the mileage is also great. Often, the kids in my class like to ride with me. They too enjoy the rides.

Anil Singh

Varanasi, UP

I was thinking of moped for some time and once I got to know of XL100 I immediately booked it. Earlier, I took 4-5 hours to do my routine, now I finish the work in 1 hour. I don't get tired. Now my family is very happy. It is very easy to ride. Now I do double the volume in my business. And customers are also happy as I'm delivering more & also on time.

Deepak Singhania

Allahabad, UP

Pick up is excellent & mileage is really good. 2T cost is also saved The riding posture is very comfortable. Front platform is very convenient to carry parcels now.



TVS XL100 is my best friend. Even to this date, we protect and preserve this vehicle as a cherished memory. There's nothing this vehicle has not done. I learnt how to drive in this TVS XL100 and later I also went to see my fiance in this wonderful vehicle after she accepted my love. In fact, she also learnt how to drive in this TVS XL100. In short, this vehicle is my best friend and my life.

Vijendar Singh

Pratapgarh, UP

Thrice a week we purchase from market for our shop I was not thinking of buying moped till XL100 came. My associates in business told me about the new launch. Now I'm very happy about my decision. it is very comfortable to load the vehicle and ride in traffic conditions. Powerful too. I would recommend XL100 to everyone.


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