About Us


It has been 39 long years since we took our first step on this enchanting journey. And what a ride it has been! Our unwavering focus on unbridled engineering is reflected in our dedication to motor sport and using the extreme conditions there to learn, evolve, and eventually translate that knowledge into our products. Our vision has transformed us into a brand which has been loved and admired not just in India but has also earned wide recognition and accolades all over the world.


Focus unrelentingly on solid engineering, create products that imbibe innovation, value, and durability, and eventually delight our prized customers

From being the makers of a 50cc race mopeds back in 1984 which notched up unbelievable speeds of 105 kmph, to being the first Indian two-wheeler to participate in the challenging Dakar Rally, TVS Motor Company has always been at the forefront of two-wheeler racing. Our learnings from the track have translated into innovations which earned us several industry firsts in India. And the sole purpose of bringing all of those achievements up is not to be boastful about them. In fact, at TVS Motor Company, our philosophy is to let our actions speak louder than our words and carry on with solid work on the ground that matters rather and make our products speak for themselves. We write to you today, as we wish to create a grand new platform for all our fans, followers and customers to know us better.

We are sure quite a few of you didn’t know about the few achievements we shared until you read about them today. Through this new blog, we wish to adopt this wonderful new digital medium to tell our story to you most sincerely and humbly.

At the outset, we would start off as a blog, and will slowly transform ourselves into a vibrant community of TVS Motor Company customers, fans, and enthusiasts who would converge on this platform to tell us their stories and experiences with their favourite TVS Motor Company two-wheelers.

Here’s what you can expect to find everything you need to know about us and two-wheelers in general. We would strive towards ensuring that this blog becomes a vibrant platform for TVS Motor Company aficionados to learn and share everything about not just TVS Motor Company, but biking and engineering in general.

We will put up articles which encompass everything from things as simple as replacing a brake cable to the finer nuances of racing – and everything in between. Tips & Tricks, DIY tutorials, feature articles, technology pieces and rare commentary about relevant topics from subject matter experts – expect us to bring it all here. During this process, we hope for your support to make this blog the definitive platform for all TVS Motor Company fans to come together and engage productively in creating a community which is of great value to the entire biking community.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here. Ride Safe!

Disclaimer: Information shared on the blog is for automobile enthusiasts. Any issues or complaints with regards to TVS products, please email us at Service.Support@tvsmotor.com