RR310 Rider’s Guide: Seating Position and Basic Habits to Enhance Comfort

TVS Apache RR310, the new super premium motorcycle from TVS Motor Company, has found great favour amongst the biking enthusiasts in India. It has been appreciated not only for its styling, performance and handling prowess, but also for the unmatched comfort it offers for long distance riding. Since the new motorcycle is race bred, the relatively aggressive seating position might come across as a little unusual for those who are graduating from small capacity commuter motorcycles, or even from 200-250cc sports bikes which typically have a comparatively upright seating posture. The important thing to note here is that while the TVS Apache RR 310 comes equipped with racy clip-on handlebars, it doesn’t make the rider stoop forward too much. Despite offering a forward biased, sporty and connected riding stance for the rider, it doesn’t compromise on long distance comfort. In fact, its thoughtfully designed rider triangle works towards distributing the rider’s weight evenly on the toes, knees, back, shoulders, arms and wrist, so that his back doesn’t get fatigued even during long rides. For those who are not used to a slightly sporty riding stance, this may take a couple of days and a few hundred kilometres of riding to get adjusted to, but once you are used to that riding position, you will realise how much more fatigue-free and enjoyable your rides are.

Here in this article, we’ll tell you the right way to be seated on the TVS Apache RR 310 so that you can use its handling prowess to the fullest, while still being comfortable over longer duration of riding.

1. The TVS Apache RR310 handlebar- how to hold it correctly

Quite a few riders amongst us have this habit of holding the handlebars at their extreme ends which is not the right technique.Hold the handlebar in a natural position, which is very slightly off the centre towards the flanks. Your grip on the handlebar should not be very tight. Hold it securely, but don’t try to squeeze it with your fingers and palms. Using gloves would also enhance comfort as it cushions the palms and helps distribute the weight evenly over a wider area. Needless to say, wearing full riding gear including a helmet, jacket, riding pants and a pair of boots would not only enhance the safety quotient, but also allow you to ride your TVS Apache RR310 at high speeds with more confidence.

The Wrong Way To Sit On A Bike, Straight Arms And Holding The Edges Of The Bar

Wrong way to sit on a bike – straight arms, holding the edges of the bar

Wrong riding position - stiff upper body, stretched out arms, no angle at elbows

Wrong riding position – stiff upper body, stretched out arms, no angle at elbows

Use Gloves While Riding

Always use gloves while riding. They not just protect, but also enhance comfort

2. Position of the arms

Often times, we see riders sitting stiff on a motorcycle, with their arms stretched out straight without any angle at the elbows. This isn’t the right way to ride any motorcycle, let alone a sporty motorcycle. While riding a sporty motorcycle, you need to use your thighs and knees to grip the tank area. However, your torso and arms should be in a relaxed position to allow for free movement on the motorcycle. Your elbows should have a slight angle at them and at no point should you purposely stiffen you back, shoulders or arm muscles. Keep it fluid and relaxed, hold the bars gently, and it’d help you control the throttle more finely, while also keeping your upper body comfortable, and ready for movement around corners.

The Wrong Seating Position, Erect And Stiff Torso, Straight Arms With No Angle At Elbows

Wrong seating position demonstrated from side. Erect and stiff torso, straight arms with no angle at elbows

The Correct Riding Position, Slight Angle At The Elbows, Arms Relaxed, Torso Slightly Leaned Forward

Correct riding position demonstrated from side. Slight angle at elbows, arms relaxed, torso slightly leaned forward

3. Position of your bottom

A majority of ridersare habituated to sitting on the bike’s saddle with their crotch in direct contact with the tank. The correct way to position yourself on a sporty motorcycle’s seat is different, especially when it offers you as much space and width as the TVS Apache RR310’s seat does. You should always have a small gap between your crotch and the tank. To avoid sliding forward while braking, you need to practice gripping the tank with your inner thighs and knees. A good way to position yourself on the saddle is to put a fist between the motorcycle’s tank and your crotch. Try to maintain that gap throughout your ride. While it will be a little difficult initially, over time, it would enhance your lateral movement on the bike, and would add to the comfort quotient as well.

The Wrong Crotch Position On A Bike - No Gap Betwwen The Tank And The Crotch

Wrong crotch position on a bike – no gap between the tank and crotch

The Correct Seating Position With Some Gap Between The Tank And The Crotch

Correct seating position – with a small gap between the tank and the crotch

4. The legs

As mentioned above, use your inner thighs to grip the tank. This habit would also help you control the bike when you are leaned over. The position of your feet should be such that the gear lever and the brake pedal are easily accessible. Keeping the balls of your feet on the foot-pegs is generally considered a good practice.It’s different for every rider though, and you should follow what you’re more comfortable with. Also, one should always wear suitable, fully covered footwear while riding a motorcycle. Wearing exposed footwear like floaters or loafers is not advisable while riding, even for motorcycles which come with a heel shifter.

Use proper footwear

Always use approporiate, closed footwear while riding a motorcycle

5. Carry a relaxed pace

Sure, the TVS Apache RR310 is a race-bred machine and it doesn’t mind being revved hard. By all means, enjoy its performance while going around a set of twisties or on a racetrack. However, while riding it in normal conditions, it helps to keep the revs relatively low to keep the engine relaxed. The softer acceleration reduces fatigue by reducing wind blast which often pushes your body back, and sometimes makes you cling on to the handlebars. It’s between 5000 and 6000 revs where the engine strikes a fine balance between performance and efficiency. At this point, you’ll be able to ride more comfortably, as the motor is totally vibe free, and will offer you fantastic fuel efficiency as well. With its 6-speed gearbox, the TVS Apache RR310 has a long set of legs, and even at those relaxed engine revs, it would happily travel at speeds well above 100 kmph all day long, offering you great average speed, comfort and efficiency for those interstate runs


It is always a bit of a learning curve when you graduate to a higher motorcycle category. Obviously, it takes some time before you get used to the various attributes associated with a different category of motorcycles than the one you’re used to. Follow the tips aboveand your transition from an upright riding stance to that of the TVS Apache RR310 would be seamless, and you’d soon realize how even sporty motorcycles can be very comfortable to ride over long distances.

Correct Riding Position

Correct, relaxed riding position


If you have any questions about the riding position of the TVS Apache RR310, shoot away! We’d be happy to answer all your queries. Ride safe!

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