Tips to Keep Your Two-Wheeler Tyres in Good Health

Tyres are the only components of a two-wheeler which make contact with the road surface. This means that all the technological wizardry of a machine can be translated onto the road only through this relatively unassuming part of a two-wheeler. While there are different types of bike tyres that have different uses, unless your two-wheeler’s rubber is in a healthy state, it wouldn’t function optimally, or at all. Despite being such an important link when it comes to a two-wheeler’s roadworthiness, they are often the most neglected components which unfortunately escape the ambit of even the most detailed maintenance schedule.

In this video, we’ll tell you how to go about ensuring your two-wheeler’s tyres’ health-check and upkeep. The process involves measures which go beyond the regimen of a regular air pressure check, but are just as simple and won’t take much of your time. However, these simple tips will go a long way in ensuring that your rides are safe and content.

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