TVS 110cc Commuter Bike

TVS Vehicles | 01 Nov 2023

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a 110 cc Commuter Bike

The budget commuter segment, specifically 100-110 cc, has always been popular in India with a range of options on offer. Buying a budget-segment commuter bike has many crucial advantages; bikes within the 110 cc are compact, quick and agile, and can handle traffic jams with ease.

At TVS Motor, we offer three budget-segment commuter bikes that offer great value for money - TVS Radeon, TVS Sport and TVS Star City Plus. The primary reason for the mass market appeal of these 110 cc bikes is the price, robustness, features on offer and fuel-efficient riding performance. Here are some key aspects as to why commuter bike makes sense for daily commute: -

⮚ Convenience
Thanks to its compact footprint, parking is never an issue for commuter bikes. This is a big reason why the 110cc bike segment in India sees such demand.

⮚ Suited For All
Every rider has a different body composition. Some may be short and some individuals might be heavy. So, it is recommended to have a test ride of all the bikes that have been shortlisted. Since you have to ride the bike daily, it must be comfortable, ergonomic, and easy to ride in everyday conditions.

⮚ The Running Cost
110 cc bikes in India are designed to be economical since it is primarily used to get the rider from point A to point B swiftly, while also being pocket-friendly. While bikes above 125 cc can be considered commuters, they might have relatively higher running costs due to the bigger displacement of the engine that burns additional fuel. Also, as the displacement goes up, so does the maintenance cost.

⮚ Brand Repute
Any 110 cc bike that a big OEM introduces undergoes years of R&D, stringent testing, and market research before it is launched. This is easier said than done while also being hard to replicate.

Ultimately, a well-known brand offers a sense of assurance for long-term reliability and also ensures the product will retain its value in the years to come.

⮚ Trouble-Free Maintenance
In order to cater to the masses, the best 110 cc bikes in India must offer easy availability of spare parts and extensive service support for customers. That’s because accessibility and ease of ownership are essential to customers in this segment.


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