Did You Know | 08 Apr 2024

Meet Apache RTR 310, the Flagship of the Apache Family

In many respects, Apache RTR 310 is about being segment-first and yet, at the same time, there’s a lot more to it. This new bike has aggressive streetfighter styling, it is designed to be light, and agile to manoeuvre. The hunkered-down stance along with wide and tall handlebars puts this latest motorcycle from TVS Motor right up the alley of performance-oriented buyers.

The brand new cast aluminium sub-frame known as the Hyper Spec Trellis Frame has not only enhanced ergonomics but has also played a crucial role in weight reduction. The kerb weight stands at just 169 kg, keeping the essence of performance, but stripping everything else to deliver the sharpest-looking RTR yet!

The Tech Talk

Apache RTR 310 is a new generation of Apache that inherits 40 years of racing pedigree and is based on the company’s “Track to Road” philosophy. The highlight on the performance front for this newly launched motorcycle is the 6-Axis IMU (part of Dynamic Pro Kit). This newly developed tech is a family of smart motion sensors that combine accelerometers and gyroscopes.

These sensors work in sync to enable Cornering Traction Control, Cornering ABS, Slope Dependent Control, Cornering Cruise Control, Wheelie Control as well as rear wheel lift protection. For riding comfort, you get climate-controlled seats which work on the Peltier Effect* (for both heating and cooling).

Another first for this new motorcycle is that it features cruise control which can be engaged at a minimum speed of 40 km/h and 4th gear. The cruise control functionality can be controlled with a toggle button that lets you increase or decrease the speed without throttle operation. The system automatically disengages the moment you apply brakes.

The slick 6-speed transmission in Apache RTR 310 features a Bi-Directional Quick shifter. The bottom-mounted shift levers allow ease of engagement of gears without any slippage at higher speeds for precision shifts and quick launches, all the way from 2300 rpm to the redline. Enhancing everyday rideability, this unique feature allows you to change gears without clutch operation and without cutting the fuel supply.

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Feature-Rich Console

A freestyler requires versatility and total control over the machine. TVS Motor is aware of the same and has integrated 5 Ride modes on the console - Sport, Urban, Rain, Race and Supermoto Mode. The Supermoto mode in this new motorcycle switches off assisted controls such as ABS, letting you take complete control of the machine.

The console features a range of connectivity options for your smartphone with SmartXonnect as well as GoPro Support. You get precise navigation support with What3Words, Digi Docs support and Turn-By-Turn navigation powered by voice control, thus allowing riders to control cluster functions and base vehicle control.

With agility being the name of the game, this new bike from TVS Motor has been designed to be your do-it-all machine, it boasts power, features, segment-leading tech and a factory-level customization option with BTO (Built-to-order). The BTO kits offer all that you need to make your freestyler nimble.

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*Peltier effect uses two different types of material and a solid-state active heat pump that transfers heat from one side of the device to the other, with consumption of electricity. The system works without any circulating liquid or vapor compressed refrigerator, ultimately offering long life with invulnerability to leaks.