TVS Vehicles | 07 Feb 2024

National Road Safety Week 2024: History and Significance

The history of the Road Safety Week in India dates back to 1989 when the MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) observed a surge in the number of vehicles, the growing congestion on roads and the subsequent rise in road accidents.

As of 2022, India accounted for 1% of the global traffic population, and yet, the country accounted for 6% of the world’s traffic accidents. 1.68 lakh deaths annually, averaging 462 deaths per day and one in every three minutes paints a concerning picture. A staggering 71% of road accidents reveal that over speeding constituted the main violation associated with accidents in India.

That is why this awareness campaign by the Govt. has been a need rather than a want.

National Road Safety Week 2024

Ministry of Road Transport and Highway annually undertakes this campaign to drive awareness for road safety. This year marked the 35th Road Safety Week. Year after year, this week-long traffic safety campaign aims to diminish road accidents by educating riders/drivers about accident prevention measures, being responsible on the road, and encouraging them to adopt safe driving practices.

The Campaign

The National Road Safety Week campaign plays a pertinent role for the vehicle-driving community not just in India but globally. Whether you’re behind the wheel or walking down the street, each individual plays a significant role in creating safer road conditions. The theme for National Road Safety Week 2024 has been kept as “Be a Road Safety Hero”.


In the majority of cases, road accidents happen either due to absent-minded driving or lack of road safety awareness. The significance of the Road Safety Week 2024 initiative includes:-

Promoting safe driving practices - This includes avoiding multi-tasking while driving, being aware of the surroundings and driving at controllable speeds while always keeping an eye on the road.

Precautionary measures - Always wearing a seatbelt while driving a four-wheeler and a helmet while riding a two-wheeler, being aware of the blind spots, especially for bigger four-wheelers and following the traffic rules will significantly lower the scope of accidents and resulting injuries.

Community sessions - It primarily aims to spread awareness regarding the do’s and don’ts while driving on the road. Also, the fact that patience is key while driving is smartly highlighted by “Better Late than Never”.

The purpose of Road Safety Week campaign is to instill a sense of collective responsibility among both vehicle owners and pedestrians. It’s all about educating young individuals, elderly and even kids during the Road Safety Week campaign to wear helmet on two-wheeler and seat belt while you drive a four-wheeler. Along with that, you should also follow traffic signals, board signs and adhere to permitted speed limits. Helmet Awareness for Kids, this will serve the broader yet integral motive of spreading road safety awareness during the month.

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