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Riding Gloves - The Unsung Hero of Motorcycle Safety

Responsible motorcyclists know the importance of riding gear, primarily a certified helmet, a high quality riding jacket, and a good set of bike racing gloves. Riding gear, as a whole, is not only lifesaving in a lot of instances but also protects from minor injuries which are part and parcel of a biker’s life. The key points that one must consider before buying riding gloves include: -

● Knuckle protection
● Touch screen compatibility
● Must offer wrist protection
● Abrasion-resistant material (Faux leather, Kevlar or textile with spandex)

Good riding gloves can make all the difference between serious injuries and being able to safely walk away.

Palm and Finger Protection

Any rider, especially someone who rides a sports bike with a front-leaning posture, is aware of how crucial palm protection is. A front-leaning posture makes the palm endure all the weight of the upper body. Bear in mind that it is the most exposed part of your body as it hangs towards the edge of the handlebar. In the worst-case scenario, the palm might be the first body part to hit any uncertain obstacle a rider might encounter in an accident.

Air circulation is as important as safety when choosing a pair of racing gloves. Commonly, such gloves, be it faux leather or textile with spandex, get perforation which offers effective internal climate control and air circulation. This not only enhances comfort but the fabric also tends to be the first line of defense for your finger in case of a mishap.

Guarding the Wrist

Protection for the wrist is crucial while riding as this joint plays a vital role in pulling the throttle and also in operating the brake/clutch lever. In case of a twist, this gear also protects from sprain. A firm grip of Velcro on the wrist also ensures dust and water resistance inside the gloves. Furthermore, the Velcro on the wrist enhances the snug fit of the gloves.

Before purchasing riding gloves, ensure the fit and finish of the Velcro on the wrist and the quality of the upper fabric are up to the mark. Malfunctioning Velcro and stitching defeat the sole purpose of wearing riding gloves.

Knuckle Protection

Knuckle guard tends to be the differentiating factor between regular gloves and riding gloves. A good portion of manufacturing costs goes into making this crucial part. It is complicated to design as it replicates the knuckle shape using a specialized material.

On the whole, the attention to detail in manufacturing riding gloves is crucial. Regular gloves tend to be an attractive option due to their lightweight nature and ease of movement however, the absolute safety of knuckles can only be ensured by a good pair of racing hand gloves.

Experienced riders know that riding gloves that are worth investing in come with a series of elements – wrist and stitching around velcro, the cuff, armour, padding around the palm and knuckle. Well-fitted gloves with tight Velcro tying the wrist properly offer added protection, enhance the grip on the handlebar, and dampen the vibrations from the road that reach the handlebar via the footpegs.

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