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The Importance of Wearing a Riding Jacket

Riding jackets are a key component of rider safety nowadays. Ask any rider about the importance of a riding jacket and you’ll get a tank full of experiential advice. Before you start searching for a riding jacket that fulfils your needs, it is good to know more about them. Here’s a checklist that helps you prioritize in order to choose the right one: -


Anything can happen while riding on the road; being alert and keeping yourself safe is part and parcel of a biker’s daily life. Therefore, it makes sense for riders to have riding jackets with at least Level-2 CE protection.
CE stands for European Conformity and is a labelling from the manufacturer’s side that declares that the products being offered are in compliance with the prescribed health, safety and environmental protection standards.
In case of a major accident, a motorcycle riding jacket is the primary protective gear that safeguards your upper body and arms from chafing, abrasions or worst – fractures.


Both visual appeal and reflectivity are important while riding. A well-geared-up rider with a riding jacket exudes a strong road presence. Besides keeping the rider safe, a riding jacket offers a great amount of style and practicality too. It comes with a bunch of pockets to keep essentials safe and zipped up, making the riding jacket both visually appealing and practical.
Also, the material used in any riding jacket is made with high-quality, durable fabric and mesh for proper ventilation while riding.

Riding Comfort

Protection is the primary purpose of riding jackets for men and women. However, manufacturers make sure that comfort isn’t compromised. The thick fabric mesh inside is designed to offer protection and comfort, and additionally, riding jackets have vents for air circulation to avert sweat that may be a concern while riding in the summers.

Removable Liners

Modern riding jackets are customizable for different weather conditions. This is made possible by detachable liners i.e. waterproofing liner for the rainy season and a winter liner to keep the rider warm in cold weather. In that sense, riding jackets are quite versatile.
At TVS Motor, the spirit of racing goes hand-in-hand with riding safety. Do check out the curated collection of TVS Riding Jackets that offer all-weather adaptability and a minimum CE Level 2 armour protection with a range of colour options. The TVS merchandise store also has brand-specific riding gear, including TVS Ronin merchandise, TVS Racing jackets and gloves, and much more.

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