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The Moped Maintenance Checklist

Mopeds are a great means to get around, especially in a country like India where downtime is not an option. TVS Motor has been a pioneer on this front with the TVS XL100, one of the best mopeds in India that is reliable, frugal and versatile. Since mopeds witness heavy-duty usage a lot of times, it becomes imperative to proactively ensure their routine maintenance.

Mopeds are ICE-powered two-wheelers with a host of moving mechanical parts. Regular maintenance is a must to keep it going without any instance of malfunction. Here are some basic moped maintenance tips which will ensure long and hassle-free ownership of XL100, one of the best mopeds in India: -

1) Regular Servicing

Most OEMs recommend getting the moped serviced every 3000 km. This includes engine oil replacement, air filter to be replaced at every alternate servicing, and routine cleanup. The spark plug needs a replacement once a year, depending on the usage. Brake oil too needs a top-up whenever required. Usually, moped bike prices tend to be affordable in India, and the same is the case with its maintenance.

2) Keep a check on the tyre pressure and tyre health

Tyres are a crucial component of any vehicle. Do maintain adequate tyre pressure for your moped bike as per OEM recommendations. Keep in mind that as soon as the temperature drops, so does the tyre pressure. As per studies, there is a drop in 1-2 PSI with a drop of every 10°C. When it's summer, the tyre usually maintains the pressure for longer. In fact, many times, the riders find the pressure more than recommended. It is the basic thumb rule of science – heat expands and cold contracts.
In terms of tyre health, do ensure your tyres have adequate tread. A pair of worn-out tyres not only hampers braking but the on-road grip as well. A well-treaded tyre is crucial for safety, especially in monsoon.

3) Battery Health

Whether it’s an old or a new moped bike, battery health is the heart of any ICE-powered automobile. Without a battery, the engine won’t pull the ignition. Ultimately, doing a routine check of the battery is necessary. Do check for leakage or carbon accumulation on the terminal as they cause power loss and discharge the battery faster.

4) Keeping it Clean

Keeping your new moped bike clean doesn’t necessarily mean washing it every week. Water, be it from a bucket or from a high-pressure hose, can damage the moped’s bearing and other electrical components. Even the metal surfaces become susceptible to corrosion in such cases. Washing your moped once a month is adequate. Dusting with a dry cloth and then wiping with a wet cloth over the surfaces makes the cleaning much safer and more effective. After cleaning your moped, park it away from direct sunlight to avoid fading of colour.

Mopeds are quite easy to maintain. All it takes are a few preventive measures that go a long way to keep mopeds in good running condition.

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