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TVS iQube: The Practical Electric Scooter

Reinvent your commute economically with TVS iQube, a green and durable shift towards electric mobility. Among the top electric scooters in India, the all-new TVS iQube is designed to give you the best of comfort, convenience, and superior riding experience. The overall design approach is simplistic and mature with a contemporary touch to it, giving it a hint of futuristic character.

Electric Motor & Performance

TVS iQube is powered by a silent, hub-mounted motor that provides a silent surge of acceleration; the scooter is capable of doing 0-40 km/h in 4.2 sec to a top speed of 82* km/h, You can switch between Economy and Power modes as per your riding needs. The 4.4 kW peak power ensures instant acceleration, all at an ultra-low running cost. In other words, it has all the boxes ticked to be one of the best electric two-wheelers in India.

Ride Quality & Handling

The main battery pack nested in the floorboard ensures a lower center of gravity, ultimately enhancing the agility and straight-line stability of TVS iQube. The electric motor ensures no jerk while accelerating, the braking is also jitter-free and comes with best-in-class Regenerative Braking to smartly convert kinetic energy and store it in the battery which, in turn, boosts its riding range even further. Also, the well-calibrated suspension set-up ensures ride quality is second to none, making it one of the best EV scooters in India.

Smart by Nature

To cater to a wider audience, TVS Motor has integrated an array of modern features in the TVS iQube. It begins with SmartXonnect developed to have your smartphone well-integrated with the two-wheeler to access features like Live vehicle tracking, and get access to the pin-point location of your scooter. The five-way joystick-enabled navigation on the 17.7 cm screen is also a segment-first. The top telematics features in the TVS iQube include Geo-fencing, Live Vehicle tracking, Anti-theft alert, and incoming SMS/call alerts.

Quality Assurance

TVS Motor ensures complete peace of mind through its integrated ecosystem for an aftersales network spread across 106 cities and 265 dealerships. Also, the extensive Roadside Assistance (free of cost for the 1st year with the possibility of extending the subscription) and 3-year warranty provide buyers with the confidence to take the TVS iQube potentially anywhere possible.

The TVS IQube is an electric scooter that promises a stylish yet practical design, functional features, and a hassle-free commutes. Bring home the best electric scooter in India.




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