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New TVS King Duramax Plus - Bigger & Better

In India, three-wheelers are a lifeline for both urban and rural transportation. The newly launched TVS King Duramax Plus, which is built on a semi-monocoque chassis, has emerged as a top contender for the best three-wheeler passenger vehicle in India.
Engineered for drivers seeking a reliable, feature-loaded and powerful workhorse, here’s how the TVS King Duramax Plus can be your perfect business partner.

The Right Blend of Performance and Efficiency

• Powerful Engine - TVS King Duramax Plus is powered by TVS Tru Comfort Technology and has a 225 cc 4-stroke, liquid cooled single-cylinder engine with a strong focus on low-end torque. It offers great load carrying capacity as well as performance with a top speed of 65 km/h.

• Fuel Options - This three-wheeler passenger auto comes with several options to choose between Petrol (single mode), CNG/Petrol as per your preference. The CNG option offers exceptional fuel efficiency which results in significant cost savings in the long run.

Comfort and Convenience

• Spacious Cabin - TVS King Duramax Plus features a redesigned cabin with a newly integrated driver footrest and a spacious cabin that can easily accommodate three passengers. It ensures a comfortable and pleasant ride for both the passengers and the driver.

• Durable Suspension - Integrated with Trail arm Coil Spring, this TVS three-wheeler provides a smoother ride over uneven roads, thus reducing fatigue for the driver and enhancing passenger comfort.

• LED Headlamp and Taillight - All-LED lighting Improves visibility during night time by providing the required luminosity to ensure a safe ride for both the driver and passengers.

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Modern Features

• Newly Designed Console - The TVS King Duramax Plus is designed with smart features for an enhanced ownership experience. It has a user-friendly instrument cluster display that has been integrated for all the vital information like fuel level, speed, and trip meter. It also gets a single Start Stop switch and a twin lockable dashboard storage to keep the driver informed and in control.

• TVS Motor Assurance - With a higher service interval – 10000* kms and a strong BHS body and chassis, the King Duramax Plus is built to withstand the demands of daily use, thus ensuring a long service life and a lower running cost.

Why Consider TVS King Duramax Plus?

This three-wheeler is ideal for:

• Passenger Rickshaw Drivers – TVS King Duramax Plus has a bigger and newly designed cabin with enhanced passenger space and a suspension tuned to offer comfortable rides. This leads to potentially higher customer satisfaction.

• Small Business Owners – TVS King Duramax Plus offers the best-in-class power. Now you can say “yes” to many rides anytime anywhere thanks to a balanced combination of power, efficiency, and durability. Since the peak torque of 18.5 Nm arrives @ just 3000 rpm, climbing the steepest of roads is not a concern. The three-wheeler also features an Integrated Started Generator System and self-start for ease of start ability. Experience higher durability with lower running costs.

Available in three colour options (Glossy Black, Eco Green and Golden Yellow). TVS King Duramax Plus is a practical choice for drivers who want a powerful, fuel-efficient, and feature-loaded three-wheeler passenger auto. It offers a comfortable ride for passengers, is designed to be versatile, and provides unmatched peace of mind in terms of durability and reliability.

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