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TVS Supermoto ABS: What Makes It Special?

Safety features, especially where electronics are involved, are complex, data-driven systems. There’s an intricate set of rules that defines the action to be taken for a variety of scenarios. The more exhaustive this data set, the more capable the electronic brain of the machine, and the more robust the system that executes the command, the better the safety feature would perform. This holds true for ABS as well. While one might think that all ABS systems are made equal, that isn’t always the case. Even something as simple as a single channel, ABS can perform very differently in two different states of tuning. This article will go through these subtle details and discuss what makes TVS Motor Company’s single-channel Supermoto ABS stand out.

What is an anti-lock braking system or ABS anyway?

An ABS or anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels of an automobile from locking up when brakes are applied. A locked wheel resists rotation and, in turn, makes the tyres of a two-wheeler lose traction. A locked wheel doesn’t respond to directional inputs either, which resultantly deprives the rider of any steering control as well. If a two-wheeler isn’t equipped with an ABS, under hard braking, one of its wheels may lock up and wash out, potentially leading to an accident. The lack of an ABS also reduces the rider’s ability to take evasive action in the face of an imminent crash.

ABS, in a nutshell, prevents the wheels of a two-wheeler from locking up while still reducing the speed of a vehicle at a faster rate than non-ABS systems. In the process, it uses various equipment, such as wheel speed sensors and data from the ECU, to ensure optimum traction and rider safety at all times.

Single and dual channels ABS systems

ABS systems which govern only the front wheel, are known as single-channel ABS systems. On the other hand, ABS systems equipped on both wheels of a motorcycle are termed dual-channel ABS systems. While it’s generally advantageous to have ABS systems at both ends of a motorcycle, on relatively low-powered motorcycles, even a single-channel ABS is often sufficient to offer an adequate safety net. Since the front brake handles over 70 per cent of a motorcycle’s braking, a capable ABS up front, especially on motorcycles which aren’t too powerful, offers an effective substitute for the more expensive dual channel systems. In addition to bringing down the cost of the motorcycle by some margin, single-channel ABS also offers the rider the capability to induce a slide at the rear wheel deliberately. This is desirable by some riders in off-road conditions to take tighter corners, or sometimes just for fun.

What is TVS Supermoto ABS?

While many manufacturers offer ABS systems on their motorcycles, each system is tuned differently. Resultantly, their response to rider input in various conditions is quite different. Fine-tuning the response of an ABS to a specific rider input in a specific riding environment can vastly improve its performance and efficacy. With sufficient data from various test conditions, ABS systems can respond more intelligently and effectively to different riding conditions. For example, while riding on a well-paved, dry surface with ample traction, the threshold for the ABS to cut in can be pushed a little further.

Conversely, the ABS must intervene much earlier in wet, low traction scenarios to prevent a slide. Every riding condition throws out a distinct data set, which can be fed into the system, allowing it to respond in a manner that further enhances safety when the rider grabs a handful. This makes the bike safer for the rider and will enable him to go faster around bends when he doesn’t want the system to cut in too early.

In that sense, the TVS Motor’s Supermoto ABS is an evolved, intelligent, and highly advanced ABS that can respond smartly to various riding conditions. The TVS Supermoto ABS has been honed after years of research and testing and benefits from TVS Motor Company’s rich experience in racing and the company’s extremely robust R&D function. Years of testing and racing experience have enriched the system with a generous data set, and specialised fine-tuning has equipped it to deal with various scenarios in a foolproof manner.

Talking specifically about the ability of a motorcycle to go faster around bends, the new generation TVS Supermoto ABS unit on the TVS Apache RTR series motorcycles has been developed with a unique algorithm, extensively derived out of the racing track. This enables the rider to find the quickest line around the corner without losing speed. This one-of-a-kind racing tuned ABS technology ensures maximum dynamic performance and cutting-edge safety technology to its users. So be it your everyday street riding conditions, a racetrack, or even low traction, wet surfaces, a TVS Supermoto ABS-equipped motorcycle can handle it all with aplomb.

Dual-channel ABS systems also come with the same highly evolved and race-honed expertise of TVS Motor, with additional features such as rear lift-off protection. The single-channel Supermoto ABS on TVS Motor’s vehicles has been mastered to tackle everything the road or even the track can throw at our motorcycles. The next time you ride one of the TVS Apache RTR series motorcycles, rest assured that your bike will stop as safely and swiftly as possible, no matter what the conditions are!

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