TVS Ronin 225

TVS Vehicles | 01 Nov 2023

What makes TVS Ronin one of the Best Adventure Bikes in India

Is it a scram, a roadster, or an adventure bike? Well, it’s totally what you make it to be. That, in a nutshell, is the TVS Ronin for you. For the most part, it’s a muscular, neo-retro roadster where you sit upright, your foot pegs are well-rested at the front, and you get a wide handlebar. With a kerb weight of just 160 kg and an engine tuned for strong low-end, the Ronin offers strong power and torque to take on any off-beat trail.

Versatile Powertrain

To make sure it’s a versatile motorcycle, the 225 cc engine in the Ronin offers consistent and linear power delivery throughout the rev range. It has the characteristic of being a strong bottom-end performer, something which is very crucial for any off-roader. Furthermore, the powertrain is driven by a 5-speed Assist and Slipper-type gearbox with a shorter gearing ratio that enables the engine to rev much higher for flexible riding behaviour.
At the front, the Ronin gets a neatly placed radiator which offers oil cooling for the high-revving engine. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it also serves a crucial purpose - it reduces the effect of outside temperature changes on the engine, thus resulting in stable performance and reduced vibrations on longer rides.

Built for the Wild

When it comes to design, the smart weight management in TVS Ronin has reduced the usual heavy handlebar layout; it is more flexible and lighter which ultimately enhances the steering agility. At the same time, you get 181 mm of class-leading ground clearance as the motorcycle sits slightly higher off the ground. Any uncertain bumps are well taken care of by the 41 mm upside-down SHOWA forks at the front while at the rear, you get a gas-charged mono-shock with a 7-step adjustable preload which is ideal to soak up all the undulations on the roads.
Regardless of how rough the tarmac gets, the TVS Ronin offers a planted feel thanks to the wide 110/70 and 130/70 section 17” tubeless tyres at the front and rear, respectively. The accessible saddle height of 795 mm ensures easy foot reach on the floor, thereby making it an able adventure touring bike that’s easy to manoeuvre.

What exactly is the TVS Ronin?

It can do everything that you would want it to without being confined to a certain motorcycle format. It can be your perfect daily companion or a perfect adventure tourer for any weekend getaway.
Since the peak is all focused on mid-range, it makes highway cruising a joy as the wide mid-range lets you hold onto a gear as the redline arrives at 9000 rpm. Another secret weapon that the TVS Ronin gets in its armoury is the GTT (Glide through Technology) which lets you glide through any rough patch or a straight line stretch without the urge of throttle pull.
The well-thought ergonomics take care of versatile riding styles and a 4-valve SOHC engine offers great low-end torque that can tackle any off-road trail. Going toe-to-toe with the top 5 adventure bikes in India, the Ronin attracts a lot of versatile riders. There’s also the aggressive price of TVS Ronin which makes it all the more appealing.
This level of versatility justifies its tagline, “Unscripted Life”. The bike is available in six colour options, spread across three variants, and presents itself like a blank canvas that’s ready to be carved as an adventure tourer, a scram or a roadster; basically anything you would like to make it. This versatility and adaptability make it one of the best touring bikes under 2 lakh INR.

Script Your Adventures with Ronin


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