Coimbatore , 22 May 2011

Team TVS Racing dominate in Coimbatore

Aravind K P bags top honours

Picking up from where they left off after the first round of the MRF National Supercross Championship in Bangalore, Team TVS Racing, dominated at the Coimbatore racetrack, finishing with podium positions in every race participated. Leading from the front were their riders Aravind K P and Pradeep H K. Both riders pulled off stunning manoeuvres while displaying superior supercross riding skills. Egged on by an enthused crowd, Team TVS Racing's Aravind K P was adjudged the winner of the Class I Foreign Open - Group A 250 cc winning both motos by a comfortable lead, while bagging the "Best Rider of the Day" award.

A thrilling first race, Moto One of Class 1, Foreign Open, Group A 250cc - 500 cc, saw Team TVS Racing rider Aravind K P take the lead from the first corner itself. Aravind exhibited unsurpassed riding talent to consistently widen the gap between himself and his rivals and win the first race. A keen contest between privateer Veer Patel, privateer C D Jinan and Team TVS Racing's Pradeep H K ensued for the next few laps until Pradeep H K in a blinder of a move edged past rival Veer Patel to take second position. Veer Patel came in third.

However, it was the Second Moto of the Class 1, Foreign Open, Group A 250cc - 500 cc that was the most eventful and stimulating race of the day. Race leader Aravind K P of Team TVS Racing once again took the lead from the first corner itself, with H K Pradeep and Veer Patel close at his heels. Veer Patel managed to get the better of H K Pradeep after his motorcycle collided with the rear wheel of H K Pradeep's bike causing both riders to fall and giving room for privateer C D Jinan from Kerala to move up to second position. In the next lap itself, an adept move from Veer Patel ensured him the second position. The fifth lap did not prove good for C D Jinan either with TVS Racing's H K Pradeep overtaking him to take third place.

It was an all Team TVS Racing affair in Class 3, Indian Experts, Group C upto 260 cc as well, with H K Pradeep taking the winning position with 37 points, followed by Aravind K P with 35 points and Pramod Joshua with 32 points. Despite a slow start in the first moto, Aravind K P and Pradeep H K fought a keen contest, with fellow team mate Pramod Joshua and Naresh to secure the first and second place. The second moto had different story to tell though, with H K Pradeep and Pramod Joshua taking the lead. It was sheer grit and experience that saw Aravind K P to the podium in the last lap of the race.

In the Class 5, Indian Experts, Group C upto 260cc, team TVS Racing won four of the top five places. The only perceivable competition came from that of privateer C D Jinan who secured the second position. Pramod Joshua of Team TVS Racing won the race with Mohammed Azghar taking third place. Privateer Girshin from Thrissur, Team Kerala's exhibited impressive riding talent in Class 2, Novice, Group C as well as the Class 6 Private Experts, Group C, winning both races handsomely.

Riders from Coimbatore impressed the crowed and officials alike in a closely run race in Class 4, Locals, Group B with 16 of them jostling for space around corners to overtake one another. Prakash R took top honours winning the race, on his Apacher RTR 160 followed by Anand A and Ramesh Kumar P.

Team TVS Racing's Aravind K P now leads the championship with 77 points followed by team mate H K Pradeep with 69 points and privateer Veer Patel with 62 points. The next leg of the championship is scheduled to take place in Chennai in September this year.