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TVS Accelerator - One Powerful App For Managing All Customer Enquiries

TVS Motor Company required an end-to-end enquiry management system. A native Android app, third-party SAAS solutions, and customising a solution from the ground up were all options under consideration. But how do you decide what’s best (you might also want to check out our blog To Build Or To Buy)? We conducted some proofs-of-concept before deciding to create "TVS Accelerator," a proprietary solution.

What is the TVS Accelerator?

TVS Accelerator is a Progressive Web App that helps you manage customer enquiries. It works with all digital lead generation platforms and lets users keep track of any kind of enquiry. This helps dealer partners to transition from a people/systems-dependent platform to a more robust and accessible from any location, at any time, on any device. The app offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to get started quickly without considerable training or external assistance.


What is Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the best of the web with previously only possible features on native apps. PWAs live in the browser like a traditional website and can be installed on the home screen through browser-provided prompts without the hassle of an app store. Like native apps, they can be launched from a home screen icon, send push notifications to the user’s device, load in a split second, and be built to work offline.

Why PWA over Native app?

We picked PWA to expand our user base without requiring them to download an app and provide a consistent online and mobile experience with reusability.

Native apps take up more space on the device, and we saw several instances throughout our research where the user's device didn't have adequate space, causing work to suffer.

Unlike native app users, who must update the app from the app store whenever a new version is available, PWA users do not have to worry about installing updates because the app always displays the most recent version when launched.

A PWA is less expensive and faster to develop than a native app. In the case of a native app, you will need at least two versions for iOS and Android. However, with a PWA, you will only need one version, and it will look the same on all platforms.

PWA is more convenient because it avoids the time-consuming App Store approval process. You will have to submit native apps to various App Stores in addition to generating unique versions for different platforms. In order to be published in each of these stores, you must meet specific standards. You may even be charged a price to create a developer account.

How is Accelerator making life easier for dealer staff?

The TVS Accelerator app has been a milestone moment in TVSM's digital journey and a game-changer for dealers to meet their needs for a mobile-friendly one-stop solution for managing customers’ enquiry/interactions.

  • Ease of Access - Can be accessed 24*7 from anywhere using any kind of device (Mobile/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Intelligent reminders - Has multiple notifications for each user type. This helps the user complete their task on time. Supports SMS/Email/Push/In-app notification
  • The task for the day clearly called out - Features like Today’s task/Missed task clearly highlight the enquiries that need to be actioned upon for that particular day. It ensures that there is no miss-out
  • Realtime tracking/report - Single view for users to track all Enquiry/tasks assigned and completion status. Dealer owner/Branch manager gets a dealership level view of the enquiry funnel and can also see executive-level productivity details
  • Resource management and work allocation made easier – Allows the Dealership Owner/Branch Manager to assign leads to sales executives either manually or automatically through rule-based allocation by getting a resource level enquiry allocation view
  • Work prioritisation for a sales executive – All enquiries are classified into Hot/Warm/Cold by running? learning models in the backend, which helps the executive prioritise their work based on the enquiry category
  • User-friendly UI/UX makes it easy to understand and navigate the app. Intelligently captures/populates various fields, minimising the effort required to capture enquiry/follow-up significantly
  • Multilingual support - The app supports Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Bengali. Other languages are also on their way. User can use the app in the language he is most comfortable with
  • Always access the latest version – Users do not need to go to the app store to update the app. He/she will be accessing the latest version all the time
  • Robust data capture and AI - The app intelligently records numerous consumer traits and interactions and feeds them into various AI recommendation engines, making end users' lives much easier.
    • The app can deliver customised feedback to the sales executive using data and AI capabilities to convert prospects into customers
    • Sales executive job prioritisation - By running a machine learning model in the backend, all enquiries are classified as Hot, Warm, or Cold, allowing the executive to prioritise their work based on the enquiry category

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