TVS Apache RR 310 Gearbox: What Makes It Special, And How To Use It Properly

Tips & tricks | 17 Dec 2018

TVS Apache RR 310 Gearbox: What Makes It Special, And How To Use It Properly

On a pro motorcycle like the TVS Apache RR 310, to harness its performance in the best way possible, it is important to find the right way around its clutch and gearbox. When the rider tries to extract the most from a performance motorcycle like the RR 310, a lot of unique and innovative technologies work in the background to facilitate the ultimate riding pleasure.

Take the Zero-Drag Clutch system on the Apache RR310 for instance, every time the rider releases or engages the clutch, the friction between components is a major cause for contamination of the engine oil. The clutch system on the Apache RR 310, however, works with minimum drag between the components, which enhances the engine oil’s efficiency and life. Now you know the secret behind the Apache RR 310’s 10,000 km service interval.

Moving over to the gearbox, the flagship Apache has been fitted with a uniquely designed gearbox, where introduction of a trapezoidal shape for some vital components instead of a typical square keeps the backlash at an optimum level. This allows for fast gear shifts, without any break in momentum. Since the RR 310 is a track inspired machine, while designing the gearbox, a lot of feedback was taken from top racers of TVS Racing Factory Team. As a result, one might experience the effort required to shift into another gear on the RR 310 to be slightly more. However, just like a racer likes it on the track, gearshifts are positive, there are no mid-neutrals, the feedback from the gear lever is full of confirmation, and the feel is that of crisp tactility.

Not wearing proper footwear and operating a gearbox wearing open footwear such as slippers or sandals while riding any motorcycle may lead to inconvenience of even injury. Slip your feet into proper riding boots for your own safety, and since they are made of hard material, it makes the gear shifts on high performance motorcycles feel smoother, while also keeping you safe.

If a rider is graduating from a lower capacity motorcycle, shifting gears on a performance bike like the RR 310 is also a different process. While riding within the city, keeping the engine in its mid-range and latched to an optimum gear will keep the engine temperature low and also save you a lot of effort from too many unnecessary gearshifts and clutch usage. For those who keep the clutch lever pulled after downshifting and while braking, doing that on a high performance motorcycle takes away a vital aspect called engine braking. Keeping the clutch lever engaged can be hazardous while going downhill or while approaching a corner at speed. While approaching a bend you can shift down gears, and use rev matching to use engine braking for slowing the motorcycle down more quickly.

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Riding the bike in too high a gear at low speeds will cause the engine to knock and translate into a lot of stress on its components. Also, riding with the engine bouncing off the limiter continuously will only cause more harm to the motor. Always shift into the ideal higher or lower gear, which will allow throttle response to be immediate and you to be in total control. Showing off your new bike to your friends is a wonderful thing, but revving the nuts off an engine while the motorcycle is at a standstill, is a bad idea.

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Always change the engine oil at specified intervals since it also lubricates the gearbox assembly. Keep a check on coolant levels and other fluids to ensure that your bike performs efficiently and in turn, rewards you with the thrills that only a fast motorcycle like the TVS Apache RR310 can offer.

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