TVS Apache RR 310: 10 Things That Make It One of Its Kind

One of the most exciting launches of 2017, the TVS Apache RR 310 has been creating ripples and waves in the premium sport bike space since its introduction. The fastest production TVS bike till date, the TVS Apache RR 310 is the result of more than three decades of learning which comes from the race track. Beyond its drop-dead-gorgeous looks, the beauty of this flagship motorcycle runs skin deep, where form and function bind together to offer a unique and brand new level of performance to the Indian biker. Here are 10 things which make the TVS Apache RR 310 one of its kind.

Designed to Excel

Designed to look like it’s ready to attack even at a standstill, the TVS Apache RR 310’s ‘Mass-Forward and Minimalist-Tail’ design brings a strikingly sporty perspective to the segment it slots itself in. With its aggressively designed, fully faired bodywork and a twin headlamp setup, the TVS Apache RR 310 has been built using top quality materials and production guidelines. It not only conforms to, but significantly betters the standards for motorcycles in this segment, not just in India, but internationally too. However, while achieving all that visual sharpness, the focus during the RR310’s development was to keep the most important aspect of a motorcycle – its rider – comfortable. No matter if it is being put through its paces on the track or being ridden on everyday roads.

Impeccable Engine Architecture & Layout

The TVS Apache RR 310 employs a segment-first reverse inclined configuration for its engine. This allows the engine to be placed even forward for better weight distribution, enhances air-flow and helps the bike to accommodate a longer swingarm for increased stability, without the need to increase the wheelbase. A DOHC setup has been adopted for the single-cylinder engine which helps the bike perform comfortably at high-speeds, for extended durations. The new motor makes use of lightweight KS cast pistons which get Nanofriks coating for reduced friction, Bosch’s latest closed-loop EFI system, a hydraulic cam chain tensioner and liquid cooling for the oil to retain its viscosity during extended high-speed stints.

Advanced Aerodynamics

For the first time in the history of Indian made motorcycles, a bike is proudly flaunting its aerodynamic capabilities. Tested in a wind tunnel the TVS Apache RR 310 boasts of a segment-leading drag coefficient of 0.26, which helps it slip through the wind efficiently at high speeds.

It has RAM air intakes under the headlights which help the engine to manage its thermal efficiency better. Then, there are gill vents and a patented deflector cowl within the fairing which takes the hot air emanated from the engine, away from the rider’s legs. The cylinder head is designed and crafted to have best-in-class heat management by reducing the engine temperature by 40 degrees. This allows for better performance and higher revving.

Breathtaking Performance

The TVS Apache RR 310 is as fast as it looks and can hit a top speed in excess of 160 km /h! It can sprint from 0 – 60 kph in 2.93 seconds, goes from 0 – 100 kph in 7.17 seconds and gets up to a speed of 46.77 kph from 0 in just 2 seconds!

Race-Spec Trellis Frame

The red-painted, race-spec trellis frame forms the basis for TVS Apache RR 310’s dynamic brilliance. Developed with key inputs and feedback from the TVS Racing Team, unlimited laps were knit by expert racers to achieve a result which ensures ultimate control on the track and street. It’s not for nothing we say that 36 years of racing heritage based expertise comes standard with every TVS Apache RR 310.

All-LED Illumination

This flagship TVS gets all-LED illumination for the blinkers, the bi-LED projector headlamps, pilot lamps, taillights and even the lamp for the licence plate is an LED. The headlight has been specially tuned to ensure bright illumination even in harsh weather conditions and the unique snake fangs inspired pattern for the taillight is a mischievous attempt to let other road users know about what just zoomed past.

Onboard Race Computer

The TVS Apache RR 310 features a white backlit, vertically mounted onboard digital instrument cluster which reads out every possible information related to the motorcycle. This comprehensive piece of kit displays the speedometer and engine speed, features a Lap timer, a Top Speed Recorder, 0 – 60 timer, average speed recorder, (take a breath), a digital engine temperature gauge, diagnostic lamps, trip meters, a shift light, gear indicator, clock, real-time fuel economy, average fuel economy and remaining fuel level. You may now take some more deep breaths. Further, the switchgear modules are completely sealed and use contactless switches. This makes them waterproof and results in a much longer life than regular switches, in addition to providing a better feel and feedback during operation.

Professionally Honed Suspension

Wrapped in golden colour, the TVS Apache RR 310 gets upside-down, cartridge type front forks which walk a thin line that separates everyday road and track conditions. A gas charged, pre-load adjustable rear monoshock has been honed and tuned by the experts from KYB. Equipped with monotube floating piston technology, it has a hydraulic stopper, with check valves providing precise damping and smooth dynamic response. The monoshock’s other end is bolted to a two-arm, aluminium die-cast swinging arm which maintains rigidity while keeping weight in check. This helps the bike achieve best-in-class lateral acceleration and cornering speeds.

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Brakes that Bite!

The flagship TVS comes equipped with 300 mm front and 240 mm rear, petal-type disc brakes which help in keeping the disc temperature cool and reduce the unsprung weight of a motorcycle. A Bybre four-piston caliper bites into the front disc to provide class-leading braking performance. The clever twin-channel ABS system governs both the front and rear braking units and has been designed to be least intrusive. It activates whenever it is absolutely needed during hard braking situations, providing maximum control to the rider during normal conditions.

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Sticky Tyres

The TVS Apache RR 310 rolls on high-quality Michelin Pilot Street tyres. The rubber compound and profile of these tyres offer the best match for the performance which the bike is capable of. They provide high levels of grip on the track and for everyday road conditions, without sacrificing tyre life.

There’s another factor which is perhaps the most important bit that makes the Apache RR 310 stand out from the rest. It is the Indian Tricolour – the identity of its roots which the bike carries with pride on its windshield. It narrates a striking story about the collective capabilities of a new India and what we can achieve. The flagship Apache is available at select TVS dealerships near you. Do take some time out to test ride the new bike and experience pure racecraft in person.

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