Hosur , 02 Sep 2007

TVS Motor to take libel action against Bajaj Auto Ltd

The TVS Motor Company is surprised at the wild and irresponsible allegations made by Bajaj Auto Ltd accusing TVS Motor Company of breaching their patent rights. The accusation is a malicious attempt to tarnish the fair name of a corporate that belongs to TVS group, which has consistently maintained the highest standards of ethics in business.

That the allegation of Bajaj Auto is ridiculous can be established by their own admission that the invention in issue namely, the application of twins spark plug is a known technology extensively in use all over the world for several decades and therefore, in patent law, it is a known prior art.

The patent that Bajaj claims is not for the use of twin spark plug technology per se but for the use of the two spark plug in a two valve IC engine with a detachably fixed sleeve. Against this patent also an application for revocation has already been filed based on settled case law on the subject. In any event, the use of Twin Spark Plug technology by TVS Motor does not infringe the above patent against which revocation proceedings are initiated.

In the circumstances and view of the malicious allegation made with the motive to damage our reputation, TVS Motor Company has been advised to initiate action for libel against Bajaj Auto Ltd. The TVS Motor Company therefore has advised its lawyers to put Bajaj Auto Ltd on notice that unless the malicious allegations are withdrawn and regrets expressed, to file a suit for damages in a sum of Rs. 250 crores. This action does not preclude TVS Motor from initiating such other action as the law may permit including criminal action against officials of Bajaj Auto Ltd who used libellous language against TVS Motor.