Baroda , 10 Jun 2007

TVS Racing capture's glory once again at the MRF Supercross Round 3 in Baroda

C S Santosh of TVS Racing capture's glory once again at the MRF Supercross Round 3 in Baroda.

In what was evidently a nail biting round of the MRF Supercross championship, team TVS Racing continued their winning June 10, 07, Baroda: In what was evidently a nail biting round of the MRF Supercross championship, team TVS Racing continued their winning momentum at the Round 3 of the National Supercross held in Baroda this morning. The prestigious 'Foreign Open' class was the most gripping and engaging round playing decider to who would top championship points, after the gruesome tie of 71 points that C S Santosh managed at Round 2 in Coimbatore against Karan Kadam, both riders from TVS Racing. Both Moto 1 and Moto 2 were won by the ever stylish C S Santosh who achieved top honors and went ahead in championship points achieving 111 points Vs Karan Kadam who now trails at 106 points..

'Moto 1' of the Foreign Open Class, which had a sensational start saw TVS Racing's C S Santosh lead the pack followed by Karan Kadam right from the very first turn. The ever charged Baroda fans saw their favorite TVS Racing rider Karan Kadam loosing balance on lap 3, falling off his bike, allowing CS Santosh to comfortably widen his gap. The entire race was spectacular with the fans wooing in the best rider right up to the very end. Karan Kadam narrowed down the gap to literally come head to tail against CS Santosh, but was unable to overtake him to leave CS Santosh emerge victor of Moto 1 with a 3 point lead against team mate Karan Kadam. Privateer Yogesh Barguje of Pune, reincarnated on a TVS 250 FX finished 3rd at the end of the race.

'Moto 2' of the same class saw no reversal of fortunes for Karan Kadam of TVS Racing. The start of the race again saw C S Santosh take the lead, followed by Karan Kadam. Both riders again head to tail, saw a determined Karan Kadam leap over the last jump on lap 3 to overtake his team mate C S Santosh, leaving the crowd emotionally charged up, all in a standing position just to witness the battle between their favorite riders. Privateers Yogesh Barguje and Eeshan Lokhande battled it out for 3rd and 4th position far from the race leaders. Exposed to the move made by Karan Kadam, C S Santosh got even, over taking team mate Karan Kadam on the second last lap keeping it that way till the very end of the race. Without warning Karan Kadam had a punctured front tyre, taking away the opportunity to fight C S Santosh to the finish line. The end of 'Moto 2' pronounced Karan Kadam in second place and privateer Eeshan Lokhande taking 3rd.

Group D Class 4 - Indian Novice - Indian Motorcycles Class above 80 CC upto 160 CC, 2/4 stroke and Group D Class 6 - Indian Experts - Indian Motorcycles Class above 110 CC upto 160 CC 4 stroke saw the same winners, with TVS Racing's Arvind K P proving his mettle yet again, bagging 1st position, followed by Pinkesh Thakkar on his RX 135 in 2nd and Grishin K C from TVS Racing in 3rd.
Group B Class 5 - Indian Experts - Indian Motorcycles Class above 125 CC upto 250 CC saw Rustom Patel of Mumbai on his RX 135 bag top honors, followed by Pinkesh Thakkar in 2nd and Sunil Kumar coming in 3rd.

Local Class 2 & 8, Indian Experts Class and Intermediate Class saw the same race, docking two separate results, announcing C S Santosh of TVS Racing emerging winner of the Intermediate class followed by team mate Arvind K P and Rustom Patel on his RX 135. Yogesh Barguje bagged top honors on his CR250 Honda in the Intermediate Class followed by Eeshan Lokhande in 2nd place and Baroda local Veer Patel in 3rd.

Indian Experts Class 3, 110 CC upto 250 CC saw TVS Racing's, Grishin K C winning honors, followed by team mates Arvind K P in 2nd and R Raja in 3rd, all of them riding on a TVS Apache.

One of the last but most exciting races of the day was the Local Class 7, which consisted of hometown Baroda riders. The winner of the event was Nasir Badshah in 1st position followed by Ansari Faizan in 2nd and Priyank Mahadik in 3rd.