Hosur , 19 Feb 2007

TVS Racing performed well in 2006, bagging numerous National Championships

1) MRF National Supercross Championship 2006.
Our riders fought it out in the 5 legs held in: Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Goa and Kolhapur and won the following championships!
C Vijay Kumar - upto 250CC (foreign bike class) - Riding a TVS 250FX
C Vijay Kumar - Upto 150CC (2stroke expert class) - Riding a TVS Shaolin
HK Pradeep - Upto 150CC (4stroke 'B'group) - Riding a TVS Apache
CD Jinan - 80 to 110 CC (4stroke'D' group)- Riding a TVS Victor
HK Pradeep - 125 to 160CC (4 stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Fiero.
Pramod Joshua - upto 150CC (2/4 stroke'D'group)- Riding a TVS Shogun
2) UCAL Rolon National Road Racing Championship 2006
Total 6 legs, 3 in Coimbatore and 3 in Chennai (MMST track). following championships were won by our Road Racing Riders,
K Rajini - upto 150CC (2stroke'C'group) - Riding a TVS Shaolin.
K Rajini - upto 150CC (4stroke'B'group) - Riding a TVS Fiero
Ashwin Sundar - 80 to 110CC (4stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Victor.
Ashwin Sundar - 125 to 160CC (4stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Apache
Ashwin Sundar - won the 'Champion of Champions' trophy
3) Gulf Dirt track National Championship 2006
Total 5 legs: Mangalore, Chennai, Raipur(Chhattisgarah), Nashik and Jodhpur. Following championships were won by our team riders,
HK Pradeep -upto 250CC (foreign m/c class) - Riding a TVS250X.
HK Pradeep -upto 150CC (2&4 stroke'B'group) - Riding a TVS Fiero.
KP Aravind - upto110CC (2stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Shogun (novice class)
KP Aravind - upto125CC (4stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Victor Edge (novice class)
Hafeez-ur-Rehman -125 to160CC (4stroke'D'group) - Riding a TVS Fiero (novice class)