Apache Racing Experience (ARE) 2018: Your Chance To Become A Better Rider and Racer

As a bike maker, TVS not only manufactures and sells two-wheelers but also understands its post-sale responsibility to help bike owners become better riders. The TVS Apache Racing Experience (ARE) 2018 is one such step which hones the skills of riders, helping them to extract the most amount of happiness in a responsible and safe manner on the track and off it, from their race-bred motorcycles.

As a rider, being fast on the road and on the track are two different ends of a scale. It goes without saying that achieving a balance and being safe in both situations is paramount. As they say, a good rider never stops learning and the basic goal of ARE is for riders to acquire knowledge and skills that will make them faster, safer and better, every time they swing a leg over the saddle.

To be held across 24 cities in 2018-19, the Apache Racing Experience is an exclusive platform for TVS Apache owners and is conducted under the guidance of professional National Champions from TVS Racing. It allows racing enthusiasts to acquaint themselves with the racing DNA infused in the TVS Apache and acts as an avenue for them to inculcate safe riding techniques by practising under professional guidance.

The event begins with a detailed theory session on track riding by famous names which are hyphenated by a National Road Racing Champion tag. Generally conducted at a go-kart track in most cities, the Apache Racing Experience acquaints riders with the basic techniques of braking, cornering, accelerating and shifting weight according to the layout of the track. The experts then guide the participants on how to deploy the bike’s power and handling characteristics according to the track’s layout, in order to achieve the fastest time.

Once the theory session is done with, the riders are allowed to test their knowledge in a safe and controlled atmosphere of an enclosed track. The national champions take it to the track first, demonstrating their own skills and knowledge they shared in the classroom, in real-world conditions, allowing participants to watch and learn. The participants are then allowed to go around the track for practise sessions, which allows them an opportunity to get familiar with the track and hone their freshly acquired knowledge and skills. Since the TVS Apache has many variants, participants are categorized according to the bike.

Practice sessions are followed by timed laps for each category – TVS Apache RTR 160, 180 and 200. It is mandatory for all participants to be kitted out with all the necessary safety gear during the event. Not only does it keep them safe during their time on the track, in the event of a fall, it also acts as a demonstration of what would’ve happened otherwise. In a competitive atmosphere, the risk of touching the ground only increases many folds as one vies for the top spot.

Naturally then, there are a few who tumble. To them and others who witness that, it only underlines the importance of putting on all the necessary safety gear, on the track or off it. It also highlights the fact that motor racing is a dangerous sport and shouldn’t be taken lightly. While there are perils associated with going fast around a track, medical assistance is always available and on standby during the course of the event. At the end of each round of ARE, winners from their respective categories are announced, who will then race against winners from each such events across multiple cities at the MMRT in Chennai.

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The TVS Motor Company has kick-started the Apache Racing Experience (ARE) 2018 already, with the first round having been recently held in Bengaluru. It witnessed Apache racing enthusiasts experiencing the full range of TVS Apache motorcycles on the Meco Kartopia race track. The event began with a detailed theory session on track riding by National Road Racing Champions -Jagan Kumar, Harry Sylvester, KY Ahmed, Kannan Subramaniam and Aishwarya Pissay.  The theory session was followed by an on-track session where the racers expertly guided the Apache riders to add finesse to their technique and improve their riding skills on the race track. The training included detailed sessions on track riding techniques, braking and cornering, which was then followed by time laps for each category – TVS Apache RTR 160, 180 and 200 and declaration of winners for each category.

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To be held in 24 cities in 2018-19, ARE will culminate at the MMRT in Chennai. The final round will see winners across the cities compete in their respective categories – Apache RTR 160, 180 and 200 – to become the ARE Winner (category wise). TVS Racing will support the activity with necessary gear and ensure that the riders undergo professional training at the racetrack astride TVS Racing motorcycles, prior to the final race.

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